GREEN  Green City Council is not ready to make a decision on a potential $3.3 million purchase of Raintree Country Club.

During the Sept. 25 meeting, council decided to wait to vote on the purchase despite the legislation being on third reading. Council President Chris Humphrey said councilmembers need more information before they can vote.

City Council has requested some information from the administration, which it has not yet received.

Humphrey compared the purchase to driving only on a chassis going down the highway while building the car.

Green Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said one the tasks she has been working on is putting together the Request for Proposal (RFP). She said the city hopes to advertise and collect RFPs during a several week period in October to find an outside company to run the golf course. Once submitted, the city would review the proposals, narrow them and conduct interviews.

Green Interim Law Director William Chris said, in the contract, Raintree owner John Rainieri the city is supposed to make a decision by Nov. 1. Chris said the city could ask for an extension if it needed. He is not sure, however, if Rainieri would grant the extension.

Councilwoman Barbara Babbitt agreed with Humphrey that she would like to take more time on the sale and get more information before voting. Other members of council also agreed.

Councilman Stephen Dyer said he wants to make sure there are people that are interested in running the golf course.

"We haven’t had a lack of people who want to be involved in this," Chris said.

Public comments

City Council heard from many residents, including Pat Carleski who said she is not opposed to green space. She, however, said she is opposed to the city spending this amount of money for something only a small segment of people in Green would use.

"I would get no benefit out of it," Carleski said.

She said the banquet room is very tired and is need of an upgrade.

"I can see this turning into a money pit," Carleski said.

She said if the city does purchase it, she wants to see it turned into a family friendly golf facility.

Green resident and former Green Township Trustee Pete Langenek said he has lived in Green since 1963. He recommends the city purchase the course and keep it either a golf course or green space.

Langenek, who lives on Mayfair Road near the club, said he sees golfers on the course all the time, even if it is raining or snowing.

Resident Gary Barker, who said he is a commercial real estate appraiser, asked if the city can release the full appraisal.

Barker also said the city only releasing a portion of it is inappropriate.

Raintree Estates HOA President Matthew Kuwatch encouraged the city to purchase the course. He said if the city doesn’t buy it, a developer will move in quick and build homes. He said more homes would not only impact those who live on the golf course, but the entire city would feel the impact on police, fire and the schools.

City Council could vote on the issue at one of the upcoming meetings in October, or by holding a special meeting.