COVENTRY TWP.  Coventry residents will be deciding Nov. 6 on a 0.5-mill additional parks and recreation levy.

During the Sept. 13 trustee meeting, trustees announced Issue 42, which will held fund maintenance of the township parks along with making some infrastructure upgrades. Trustees said the General Fund can no longer support the parks.

The levy, if approved, will generate an estimated $118,934.

Trustee Tom Seese said youth organizations have stepped up to mow and maintain the parks during the past three summers.

"They overwhelmingly jumped in and did it," Seese said.

Trustees told the youth organizations they would explore a park’s levy. The township has five parks and Seese hopes the parents of the children who are in youth sports organizations will support the levy.

The levy is expected to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $17.50 per year, which would start being collected in 2019.

Trustee Edward Diebold said his goal when he got elected was for everything to have a separate line item.

"You get to choose if we get to fund this or not," Diebold said.

Diebold said some of the infrastructure plans would be to redo the walking track at Lockwood Park. He said having the parks gives the community a chance to get outside.

Trustee Richard Kutuchief encouraged residents to give the levy a thought and to talk to friends and neighbors about the issue.

"Where will our children play if we don’t have parks," Kutuchief said.

In other business Sept. 13, trustees:

- Heard a presentation from Terry Thompson from Republic Waste about concerns with recycling. He said China is no longer taking many recycled items, which is causing problems for Republic Waste and leading to changes. He said Republic will be asking for an 80 cents per-month increase for recycling, which will have to be approved by the trustees. Items residents should recycle are glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastics with the number one or two on the bottom. He said not to bag any items, just throw them in the can and to make sure each item is clean and dry.

- Approved a request of vacation of a right-of-way located between Avalon Hills lots 53 and 54, better known as 793 and 799 Fowler Ave. The recommendation will be sent to Summit County for final approval.

- Approved a proposal from Window Source for new windows for the Administration/Fire Department building for $9,876. Of that amount, $4,980 will be reimbursed to the township through the NOPEC Energized Community Grant. The windows will be replaced in three phases between this year and next year. This year the windows in the front of the building will be replaced.

- Approved a contract for wallpaper removal and painting at the Coventry Community Center by CertaPro Painters for $7,067. Diebold said this project has been talked about for a long time and the plan is to update the building so it can be rented out by different groups in the township. The township hopes by renting the building out some income can be generated.

- Approved to accept the award of the 2017 Assistance to Firefighters FEMA Grant for two Advanced Life Support Cardiac Heart Monitors and two CPR Chest Compression Devices in the amount of $97,333. This grant will replace the current heart monitors, which are 13 years old.

- Approved to install multi-stop signs at the intersection of Daisy and Hyacinth Avenue.

- Approved a blanket certificate for repairs and maintenance of road department equipment in the amount of $15,000.

- Heard from Road Superintendent Lael Stouffer that all the road resurfacing in the township has been completed for 2018. He said his crews also have completed replacing stop signs in the township through a grant the township obtained. Crews have also installed some dead end signs and completed two rounds of roadside mowing.

- Discussed a nuisance property at 586 Apple Drive. Trustees gave the property owner an additional 60 days to make the repairs necessary and they want to see some progress made in 30 days or it will be moving forward with demolition. The Summit County Building Department recommended demolition for the property due to rotting of structure elements, failed shoring and retaining walls and cracking of walls and foundation. The property owner was given 120 days in March to make the repairs, which were not made. Elaine Selzer, who was representing her sister who owns the house, asked for additional time and said the repairs will be made.

- Heard from Seese that the township plans to lower the speed limit on Bender Avenue and Bevan Street from 35 mph to 25 mph. All other township roads are 25 mph.

- Heard from Kellie Voros, who owns three short-term rental Airbnb homes in the township. She said she has tried to rent the properties long term, but they end up being destroyed. She said the most amount of guests she has is five and stated she has complete control over her properties. She said none of the neighbors complain and she has made a great business out of renting these properties. Also heard from Abby Savage, who also owns an Airbnb home in the township, who said her renters have also not caused any issues. She said they take out the trash and follow all the items she asks of them. Kutuchief said it is nice to hear the other side of the issue. Seese said the township is going to continue to look into how to better regulate the houses moving forward. He would like to see them all be registered with the township so they have a better idea of who to call if there are concerns.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. Oct. 11 at Town Hall