HARTVILLE  At its Sept. 4 meeting, Hartville Council voted to begin the process of annexing a property 1531 Edison St., in Lake Township, following the property owners request for annexation. Paying the estimated $1,000 to $1,200 cost of the first step in that process, work association with a survey map, did not quite as much support at Council’s Sept. 18 meeting.

Part of the village’s annexation approval included a stipulation that the property owner pay for utilities. Councilwoman Bev Green said she believes the property owner should also pay the estimated $1,000 to $1,200 map survey work. Green pointed out that in past instances, the village has required those seeking annexation – in this case, the property owner – incur such costs.

"I don’t think we should pay it; if they want in, they can pay it," Green said. "They asked to come in, we didn’t force them in."

Village Solicitor Ron Starkey, however, said the village has paid for map surveys in some instances as well. 

Councilman Jeff Kozy asked how this annexation benefits the village. Starkey said the village will immediately see Real Estate property taxes and eventually income tax revenues, as the property owner anticipates developing the property for commercial retail use.

Council took no action on approving the map survey expenditure, instead directing Mayor Cynthia Billings to relay their concerns to the property owner and revisit the issue at a later meeting.

The annexation process is ultimately reviewed and granted approval by the Stark County Regional Planning Commission.

Other action

Council upheld a village board of zoning appeals recommendation to grant a conditional use variance for a business at 228 W. Maple Street to use a portion of its building as a residential rental.

The appeals board noted in its recommendation that the property is currently zoned commercial and being used for that purpose, but had been in residential use in the past as well.

A motion to allow banners featuring Lake High School senior athletes to be hung by the village street department throughout the downtown area was also approved.