GREEN  At its first meeting of the school year, the Green Local Schools Board of Education heard several reports on the begining of the new year.

Board President Robert Campbell started the meeting off with a thank you to the community for its recent support of the safety levy. This was followed by a moment of silence in honor of former Sen. John McCain, who recently passed away, and then the Pledge of Allegiance. Superintendent Jeff Miller was absent from the meeting due to an illness.

The first report was given by Director of Human Resources and Employment Kim Brueck and dealt with the Resident Educator Program (REP). Brueck explained how teachers are hired in order to get the best possible candidates and how they are trained in order for the district to retain them.

It involves a four-part process, including recruiting, selection, support and retention. Brueck pointed out that Green is blessed with a large number of teachers who apply for jobs during the course of a year. As an example, she noted that as many as 300 applicants sought one recent job posting. The district works with local colleges at job fairs to identify potential teachers. Candidates go through a selection and screening process to identify the best fits. Once an individual is hired, they follow state requirements in terms of qualification, mentoring and training. The idea is to provide the new teachers with help and support to enable them to adapt and fit into the classroom. It was pointed out that the goal is to retain these teachers for as long as they wish to stay within the Green system.

Anybody with questions related to the procedure is encouraged to contact Brueck at .

In line with the new security procedures, Director of Technology Marc Clendaniel discussed the new security procedures for checking into buildings. Entrance into the schools will fall under the RAPTOR System. Anyone other than school employees will have to show an Ohio ID, preferably an Ohio Driver's License, which will identify any potential threats. Other forms of ID may be used, but a driver's license will provide the quickest access to the building. If there are any questions, contact the school at or

In other business:

- The board accepted the minutes from the June and July board meetings and payment of bills as recommended by the treasurer. Funds were transferred from the general fund to the Safety and Security Levy fund to cover the first half payment in the amount of $388,826.50. The board also approved the depository agreement with Home Savings for the time period Aug. 28, 2018, through Aug. 27, 2023.

- The Consent Calendar was approved. Present was one of the newly hired administrators, Evan Eliot, who will be one of the new assistant principals at Green High School. Elliot, a former Green student and athlete, taught at Jackson Local Schools prior to being hired.

- In closing business, the board approved two contracts with Child Guidance and Family Solutions for three case managers and provisions for special education and related services for an out of district placement of a student with severe disabilities.

- The board approved the purchase of 13 bus radios for $12,116 and 11 cameras at a cost of $19,745, both from the Permanent Improvement Fund.

- The bus routes for the 2018-2019 school year were approved, with provisions to make changes if and when needed.

The next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 24 at the Central Administration Building.