When it's this hot out, just going outside counts as a productive activity.

The air was so thick, walking out into the heat felt like stepping into hot jello. When it's this warm out, just going outside counts as a productive activity.

"You were out in the heat today? That's rough, you must be exhausted."

It's so hot, when I turned on the air conditioner in my car, it sighed.

When summer peaks, I remind myself not to complain. Hot is better than cold, I figure. And soon enough, I'll be wishing it was summer again. But that doesn't mean I don't grumble occasionally.

My wife and I like to keep the windows open as much as possible. The smell of the outdoors wafting through the house is comforting. But when the paint starts to melt, we kick on the air conditioner.

When it comes to the thermostat, I am opposite of the stereotypical dad. I check it constantly, sure. But I check it for comfort level. If penguins aren't skating in the kitchen, then we need to crank it up. It's my wife who keeps our home from freezing over.

Last week, when the temperature rose into the 90s, I asked my 3-year-old daughter what she wanted to do with the day.

"Go outside!" she said.

"You sure?" I asked while pointing out several fun activities we could do in the comfort of the air conditioning.

"We'll do those after," she said. She is a shrewd negotiator.

The problem with a hot summer and a lot of air conditioning is they both make you tired. "Are you sure you don't just want to sit on the couch and stare at the ceiling all day?" I asked in a last feeble attempt.

She slapped me on the knee. "I'll put on my swimsuit," she said.

While the little pool filled with water, we went into the garage to grab some pool toys.

"What should we pick?" she asked while taking stock of the inventory.

"We better grab everything we can," I said. She pointed to her water wings. While she refuses to wear them in the real pool, she reasoned it would make swimming in the 8-inches of water in the backyard pool much safer. I didn't disagree. We also grabbed the pool noodles, every squirt gun, a cup from a Milwaukee Brewers game, a sprinkler or two and a bucket.

And with way too many pool toys in tow, we ventured into the backyard for a few hours of splashing, doing laps and shooting each other with squirt guns. And not once did either of us mention the temperature.

Sometimes, when you can't beat the heat, you just have to embrace it.

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