President Donald Trump tweets about the media. He thinks it’s dishonest and claims it constantly produce "fake news." As part of the media, does that offend me? Not coming from that source. It would take someone with credibility to offend me.

Ironically, he only tweets wild, unsubstantiated charges when news doesn’t hold him in the brightest light. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that the media is a guardian. It always has been. It’s the checks and balances free nations employ to prevent shenanigans. And the public has a right to know. It’s called freedom of the press. It’s guaranteed to all Americans by the Constitution. Unbiased reporting assures citizens their government is working.

By their very nature, most politicians are aggressive individuals. As such, they risk acts of self-serving gains which are the people’s. As public property, these benefits belong to citizens and must never be coveted by those who serve. To do so is no different than planning to lie or steal.

Regardless of how high an office he or she holds, the politician is the employee. It’s the citizen who is the employer. We are the boss. We are who they serve, not the other way around. The media is a sentry; our guard dog.

Wouldn’t it be a great world for the sly, wily fox if the dog guarding the hen house suddenly disappeared. With no hens, egg production would fall. And you’d notice it each morning eating your breakfast.

Now Trump has a new target. By recently tweeting that TV’s Don Lemon "was the dumbest man on television" who "made LeBron look smart," Trump questioned the intelligence of two men who’ve made their lives successful and share that success helping others. But rather than play Trump’s silly childhood game, LeBron James chose the high road. He ignored him.

I suspect James knows that when an adult attempts to belittle one who’s successful, it only goes to show how childish the belittler is. Furthermore, when it’s the president of the greatest nation on earth hurling these insults, it’s an embarrassment, a shame and much worse than a childish act. Its juvenility is akin to a child’s blame act of "You did so! Did not! Did so!"

Then by attempting to add insult to his warped idea of injury, Trump tweets, "I like Mike," referring to basketball great Michael Jordan. It only solidified in the minds of the electorate what an underdeveloped diplomatic mind this man has and questions whether he deserves that privilege to represent the people of this great nation on the world stage.

Trump fails to mention anything relative to James’ "I promise School" or the thousands of college educations James has footed from his own funds for those less fortunate. Even in the shadow of Trump’s own failed, fraudulent, for profit, Trump University; regardless of how he defends it. It took First Lady Melania Trump to schedule an Akron visit for recognizing Lebron James for the work he’s been doing to benefit the next generation.

Of course by now we shouldn’t be shocked at anything Trump does anymore. After all, he mocked a disabled reporter during the presidential campaign, disrespected a female debate host on national television and as much as said Sen. John McCain was no hero after spending months and months as a North Vietnam POW in a prison known as the Hanoi Hilton.

The American public is no dummy. Regardless of what others may think, they have a fine memory and may be recognizing a mistake made in the last presidential election, If so, they just may decide it was time to put a new president in the White House, regardless of his or her political affiliation.

It just may be time during the next presidential election to let Donald Trump eat those words he loved to say on his television show, "You’re fired!"

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