GREEN  Construction is wrapping up on the installation of restrooms at East Liberty Park, but they won’t be service until next spring.

Green Service Director Valerie Wax Carr said when the project first began, the thought was to have the restrooms on a septic system. She said, ideally, the city wanted the restrooms to be connected to sewer, which now will be the case.

The city is partnering with Summit County for a joint project to extend the existing sewer on state Route 619 west. Currently, the sewer stops near the Turkeyfoot Family Pet Center. It will now be extended just past the park.

Construction of the restrooms were built this summer and while they are nearly complete, the wait is for the sewer connection.

"In the long run, it will be better to be on sewer and there are some businesses along 619 that are able to tie in, too," Wax Carr said.

She said the restrooms design is based off of restrooms the city has in other parks. Several improvements have been to the ballfields at East Liberty Park as the park is home to Green High School girls softball team.

There is a restroom trailer at the park, which is being used until the permanent ones are ready.

Wax Carr expects the restrooms to be fully functional come spring and there be signage put up so park visitors know when they are operational.