SPRINGFIELD TWP.  The Springfield Township Board of Trustees held a special meeting July 5 for the purpose of discussing employment and wages of a public employee.

Administrator Warren Price said there are two seasonal employees that have been assisting at JEDD Park and township needs to hire them, so they could get paid. He asked for a motion to hire Logan Hornish and Zach DiLauro as two seasonal employees at a rate of $11 per hour.

Trustee Dean Young said that normally the township advertises to seek seasonal employees for seasonal work. Price assured him that they had advertised in The Suburbanite and that it would have appeared on line as well. Price said the township didn’t receive any applications in response to the advertisement.

Young said did not want to diminish the qualifications or the work ethics of Hornish or DiLauro. He said apparently the two applicants came by word of mouth. Because the township did advertise and no one applied, Young made two motions, one to hire Hornish and a separate motion to hire DiLauro as part time seasonal summer employees at the rate of $11 per hour, effective June 1, with hours not exceeding 30 per week.

The motion was not seconded.

Price said he thought the record should reflect that he specifically made inquiries to three individuals and was unable obtain any applicants. One individual was 17 years old and had another job. Price said he was unable to get any other applications.

Trustee Joe DiLauro, who is the father of Zach DiLauro, said he had talked to the athletic director at Springfield High School to find applicants to no avail. Trustees also raised the wage and didn’t get any candidates. In the discussion, it was said that six people had come in last year and none returned this year.

The board went into recess. Upon resuming the meeting, Young said he had made a motion and stated his rationale to hire Zachery DiLauro for summer help. Trustee Deborah Davis seconded the motion.

Davis and Young voted "yes" and Joe DiLauro abstained.  

The next regular trustees meeting will be held at 6 p.m., Aug. 9 at Town Hall located at 2459 Canfield Road.