With tragic school shootings happening across the country, including in our neighboring community of Jackson, that have left bloodstained schools and childless parents, Green Local Schools has stepped up to protect our children and our community. A few months ago parents, grandparents, family members and concerned residents showed up to a public school board meeting to express concern over their child’s safety at school. More than 300 community members attended and made one thing loud and clear: We want our kids to be as safe as possible at school. As a result, the school board announced the Safer Green Schools Levy - Issue 1 - that will be on the ballot Aug. 7.

This levy allots 80 percent of the funds levied for school resource officers, mental health professionals and a clear path for help for our children to ensure their sound mental health for years to come. The other 20 percent upgrades the school’s security equipment. I’ve heard people across the country and in our community say that we must give mental health help and counseling to our youth as an attempt at stopping these tragedies in the future. Issue 1 does just that.

For just $3 a month for every $100,000 of home value, we can help to make sure children are safer while they are at school. While I do not have children in the Green Local Schools, I am supporting the Safer Green Schools Levy – Issue 1 - because I believe all homeowners should value the safety of our young people.

The community has spoken, the school board listened and now it’s time for us to help protect our children, our next generation, the future of Green. Vote YES on Issue 1 on Aug. 7.

Justin Leonti,