GREEN  Building and renovation projects are nothing new for Jerzee’s owner Chris Maggiore and his team.

But after remodels at his Jerzee’s Belden Village location, re-branding of the former Pub as M Club, as well as plans for an all new location on Fulton Road in Canton near the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Village complex, the recently unveiled patio and building renovations at the Green Jerzee’s location at 1019 E. Turkeyfoot Lake Road are the most ambitious to date.

"This is our third remodel at all the Jerzee’s since we took over and every time we’ve gotten done with one we’ve said, ‘what could we have done better?’," Maggiore said. "We wanted to have something that could be used year-around but still have a summer feel."

Thus, the fully enclosed area is both heated and cooled, features roll up doors, 18 big screen TVs, a new restroom area, and a 100-seat capacity including the completely outdoor section – also heated with its own big screen TV.

Remarkably, all parking was able to be preserved in the expansion.

"We have roughly the same capacity as before, but again, this is something we can use throughout the year," Maggiore said.  "We easily were losing six months a year before."

Maggiore added that the bar has 40 new draft beer selections, including Mucky Duck Brewery’s Jerzee’s Ale – with plans to release seasonal versions of the exclusive brand - and a state of the art sound system for sporting event viewing.

The new space seats 33 at its expansive bar area, complete with football-leather covered chairs and cell phone charging stations built into the bar itself.

"We want to keep you here as long as we can," laughed Jerzee’s District Manager Scott Paskoff. "It gives us a different feel than just a sit-down, family restaurant. It is a great place to watch games and there is a little more energy."

Apart from some weather-related delays - fairly typical for a construction project in Northeast Ohio – the six-month remodel did present some other challenges – albeit the kind most businesses wish for.

"We did add some year-around staff," Maggiore said. "And that is a big part of this; you can only have a great restaurant if you have a great staff and our staff is great."

The support of staff and the community, in fact, was as much of the impetus for the patio expansion project as anything, Maggiore said.

"They are great to us and love our staff," he said, likening the expansion to a thank-you gift of sorts.

General Manager Sandy Peate concurred, pointing out Jerzee’s community outreach and support of area groups and organizations since Maggiore purchased the location in 2014.

"Green is a tremendous community and we have become very tight with many of our customers," she said. "There are kids who were 11 years old coming in with their families who are now 16."

The remodel, Peate said, has only helped cement that relationship.

"It has been open for about six weeks now and the response has been tremendous," she said.