GREEN  Along with several other area communities, Green City Council on July 10 approved a new ordinance to regulate the "use of public ways by service providers."

The ordinance comes in the wake of recent changes in state law regarding the regulation of cell provider facilities and structures in public rights of way. The state is now allowing local municipalities limited zoning authority for work done in these areas.

Ward 3 Councilman and Transportation Committee Chairman Rocco Yeargin said this type of work could be taking place in the city of Green as early as Aug. 1.

"With this in place, we can regulate how these companies operate in our right of ways," Yeargin said.

Other actions

- Council also accepted the planning and zoning commission’s recommendation to approve the replat of a parcel in Deer Valley Estates and another in Fox Ridge Estates. The replats will allow the respective property owners to proceed with planned residential building projects.

- The purchase of a 2019 10-ton tandem truck from Rush Truck Center, for an amount not to exceed $86,000, and a snow and ice package not to exceed $99,000 from Gledhill Road Machine Company, through the Ohio Department Of Transportation cooperative purchasing program was also approved. 

- Council approved a contract with Interspiro for 44 self-contained breathing apparatus and accessories and amended the original appropriation to add $2,400 in order for the city to cover the 10 percent local match required by the grant that is funding the purchase.

- A $1.2 million contract to Lockhart Concrete for the Corporate Woods Circle/Corporate Woods Parkway roundabout project and a $1.2 million contract to Karvo Companies for the State Route 619/Pickle Road roundabout project were both approved.

- Council also awarded a $142,058 contract to S.E.T., an Arlington Road culvert replacement project; accepted tax incentive review commission recommendations to continue all of the city’s existing community reinvestment area and tax increment financing agreements; approved an addendum to a CRA agreement with Seco Machine, amending the exemption years to reflect estimated completion of construction of the company’s new 100,000-square-foot building at the intersection of Mayfair and Greensburg roads; approved a 30-year, 100-percent tax exemption on a parcel of property owned by GFD Properties, and declaring the property to be a public purpose under the city’s TIF program; and approved a resolution allowing Mayor Gerard Neugebauer to apply for Summit County Community Development Block Grant funds for the rehabilitation of the Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse in Boettler Park.

Mayor visits sister city

Neugebauer also updated Council on his recent visit to Green’s sister city, Beius, Romania, where an official sister-city agreement was signed July 4.

During the signing ceremony, Neugebauer said, Beius Mayor Adrian Nicolae Domocos pointed out that citizens "have waited 79 years for Americans to come to Romania," in direct reference to the start of Russian occupation of the country following World War II. Neugebauer said the comments were especially moving, given the date of the signing.

The Green Mayor was also able to visit other cities in Romania, as well as meet with other mayors and members of various Romanian chambers of commerce.

"It was very interesting; Eastern Europe is very different than the U.S. and is even different than Western Europe," Neugebauer said.