NEW FRANKLIN  A hot topic at the June 6 council meeting continues to be a topic of discussion.

During the June 20 council meeting, council, the mayor and several residents continued to talk about noise and speed issues near Howie’s on the Lake.

Mayor Paul Adamson, who wasn’t at the June 6 meeting, updated City Council and residents on what progress he has made regarding the issues. He said many of the neighbors provided input about the situation.

"I am not going to say everything is cured," Adamson said. "We are working on it."

He said the police department has increased patrols and they have also been using a few other methods to deal with the concerns.

There have been a couple meetings with the ownership of Howie’s, Adamson said.

He said it seems like they have been responsive as he requested they install some large signs about being sensitive to the neighbors who live near Howie’s.

Neighbors in attendance didn't agree with Adamson and said nothing has changed.

Adamson also asked if Howie’s could ban motorcycles after 9 p.m., but he said they weren’t willing to go along with that and told him that there aren’t a lot of motorcycles that visit Howie’s.

The city has also installed some additional signage on some of the streets around the area to help drivers.

Adamson said he has been doing some research about lowering speed limits and in the Ohio Revised Code, the lowest speed limit for a street is 25 mph unless it is an alley, which is 15 mph. The city is going to explore declaring the one-way portion of Coleman Drive an alley.

Councilman Jim Cotts said he supports this and said the city could work on other streets in the area of concern around Howie’s to make them alleys, too.

Adamson said he is going to continue to work on the issues moving forward.

In other business June 20, council:

- Approved to establishing the temporary position of zoning/economic development assistant

- Approved authorizing New Franklin to enter into a three-year agreement with Clinton Lawncare for New Franklin lawn maintenance. Councilman Tony Hawk said they have worked with the city for a while and have done a good job. Adamson said the three-year contract is good for Clinton Lawncare and for the city.

- Approved to regulate small cell facilities and wireless support structures. Adamson said technology continues to advance as first there was 3G then 4G and now 5G is coming. He said they will be small towers unlike some of the medium or large towers that are currently up. The towers will go in the right-of-way and the city will have to approve them before they are installed. The city will also collect a $250 fee per unit for a 10-year period. Councilwoman Andrea Norris said she by passing this the city will have oversight on the towers and will be able to make sure they are placed in the best interest of the community. 

- Approved to appoint Irving Sugerman as the next New Franklin Law Director. Norris said Sugerman provided his resume and she has known him for a while. She said the city needs some legal guidance on a few issues and is ready for him to get started.

- Discussed authorizing New Franklin to enter into an agreement for the purchase and installation of a fire alarm system for the city. Adamson said the city is waiting on two more estimates than a decision can be made based on that.

- Heard from Summit County Department of Sanitary Sewers Director Michael Weant about several projects his department is working on. He said five years ago a master sewer plans was created. A study was completed and several projects came forward based off the study. He said some of the projects are based on economic development and the others are based around areas that had failing septic systems. Out of the 16 different project areas, five of them are under design Weant said. The earliest construction will begin is in late 2019 or early 2020. Weant said he will be meeting with Adamson to keep him in the loop on the projects and said the county will be setting up a webpage and social media for the projects in the future. Cotts asked if every house would have to connect. Weant said the county cannot force a homeowner to connect unless the health department have stated that the septic system is failing.

- Heard from Adamson about the schools wanting to have resource. Adamson said the city would likely have to hire another full-time officer if that person were to work with the district, a move that would likely cost about $100,000. Adamson said he has been in talks with the schools and he would like to see the schools commit to pay a portion of the cost. Discussions are expected to continue on the subject and what the full cost would look and like and what amount the schools are willing to contribute.

The next New Franklin Council meeting is set to begin immediately following the committee meetings, which are scheduled for 6 p.m. July 18 at New Franklin City Hall.