A Barberton man, 37, was charged with criminal trespass June 19 after deputies said he was found at a Mayfair Road apartment complex where he previously had been warned not to return.

On June 18, a clerk at a South Arlington Road restaurant told deputies a man called and asked when they opened. She told him and then hung up. Less than a minute later, the man called back, and sounding upset, told the clerk he knew where she worked and threatened to kill her. The clerk did not recognize the phone number and attempts to contact a person at the number were unsuccessful.

An Akron man, 30, was charged June 18 with theft. Deputies said he left a South Arlington Road gas station/convenience store without paying for two slices of pizza and a strawberry crush drink. The total value of the items was $6.

A Ravenna man reported his truck broke down while he was travelling on Interstate 77 on June 16. When he returned to fix it, he found more than $3,200 in tools and other items had been stolen from the vehicle.

A GPS device and $42 in cash were reported taken June 15 from two vehicles parked at a Christman Road home.

A Stoner Road man, 42, was arrested and jailed for domestic violence June 15. Deputies seized a handgun from the man’s home after he allegedly threatened his 18-year-old son with it during an argument.

A Karla Drive man reported June 15 that someone entered his unlocked car and stole his wallet. He later discovered a debit card and credit card were used at stores in Akron and Macedonia for unauthorized charges exceeding $1,000.


A Barberton woman, 23, was arrested on State Street on June 17 on a warrant charging her with a fourth-degree felony count of tampering with evidence. She was taken to the Summit County Jail and booked.

A Markey Street man, 59, was booked into the Summit County Jail June 16 on a domestic violence charge. Deputies said he threatened to hit his 86-year-old mother with a hammer during an argument. The mother signed a request for a temporary protection order against the man.

A Parnell Drive woman, 55, was arrested June 16 after she was allegedly caught shoplifting groceries from a Manchester Road supermarket. She had been warned in the past not to return to the store. She was charged with theft and criminal trespass and released with a court summons.

On June 15, a Waterside Drive man reported the license plate on his trailer carrying his jet skis was stolen.

A 27-year-old woman, who used to live at her grandfather’s home on Finland Avenue, was charged with criminal trespass June 15. According to a report, the woman had been evicted from the home and warned to stay off the property. On June 15, she returned to the home and stood at the edge of the yard yelling vulgar remarks at her grandfather.

A Canton man, 46, was arrested at a Loma Drive home June 15 on felony warrants charging him with escape and non-support of dependents. He was taken to the Summit County Jail and booked.

On June 14, deputies responded to an anonymous tip of a possible drug deal occurring outside a West Ingleside Drive home. Officers found two men sitting in a car in the driveway. One of the men was recognized as a 30-year-old resident of the home, who had an arrest warrant out on him for a probation violation. When the officers approached to make an arrest, the man pushed them and tried to run off. A Taser was deployed and the man fell, but then he began fighting with the officers. He eventually was subdued. During a search of the car, deputies reported finding suspected heroin and marijuana and a snorting straw. The man was booked on felony counts of possession of a schedule I or II substance and assaulting a police office and misdemeanor counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest. The other man in the car was not charged.

A Long Lake Boulevard woman, 19, was charged June 14 with domestic violence. Her sister told deputies the woman entered her bedroom through a window and punched her in the face and stomach while she was asleep. A witness confirmed the attack.


On June 17, police were called to a bar on West Turkeyfoot Lake Road after two men and a woman said they were attacked by four black males in the parking lot. According to a report, an altercation between the two groups erupted inside the bar after someone used a derogatory term. A bouncer broke up the fight before anything got physical. The two men and the woman told police they were getting into their vehicle when the four black males got out of a red Chevy Cruze and started punching them. The woman and one of the men were injured in the attack and taken to a hospital. The suspects fled the scene before police arrived.

A Swigart Road woman, 53, was charged June 16 with violation of an animal control ordinance. A neighbor reported the woman’s German shepherd ran across the street into her yard and began barking at her dogs through a fence. The woman had been warned several times in the past about keeping her dog contained.

On June 15, two residents on Lester Road reported property was stolen from their unlocked vehicles.

A resident on Cleveland-Massillon Road called police June 14 to report a man in a Corvette was driving recklessly in front of his house multiple times a week. He provided police with video showing the man getting in and out of the vehicle, and several witnesses working in the area confirmed his complaint. The next day, police were called back to the location when the man in the Corvette showed up again in front of the resident’s house. Police later issued a warrant for the man charging him with reckless operation of a vehicle.

Police were called to investigate a burglary June 14 at a home in the 6900 block of Van Buren Road. Residents reported finding some items disturbed and an item missing from a bedroom. Police said they found no signs of forced entry.

A man told police on June 12 that he was traveling on Manchester Road when he saw a man he knows hit a woman in a parking lot. An officer spoke to the man and woman in question and both denied there was any physical violence. The officer noticed no signs of injury on either party. Both admitted to a verbal argument but said everything was okay.


On June 19, a Sherbrook Drive man reported his wallet containing credit cards and a driver’s license was stolen from his truck. Two of his credit cards were found in a parking lot on South Main Street. On the same day, another resident on the street said someone stole loose change from a vehicle parked in the garage.

Also on June 19, a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle valued at $4,000 was reported stolen from a garage on Delaware Avenue. The victim said he was asleep inside the house when the theft occurred.

A 25-year-old Akron woman was being sought after she reportedly fled a South Arlington Road department store on June 18 with $92 in clothing without paying.

Headphones and loose change were reported taken from a vehicle parked in a garage on Settlers Lane June 18.

An Abington Road woman called police June 17 to report her live-in boyfriend slapped her in the neck during an argument. She showed police a cellphone picture of redness on her neck. The woman declined to sign domestic violence charges but was advised on seeking a protection order.

A North Way man called police June 17 to report an assault taking place at the end of the street. He said two men got out of a 2015 black Chevy Malibu and dragged a man off the side of the road and began punching him in the face. When the North Way man approached, the two men got into their vehicle and fled. The man on the ground later told police the two men stole $1,200 from his pocket.

Police were called to a South Arlington Road department store June 15 after a loss prevention officer reportedly caught two men trying to leave with bags filled with stolen merchandise. One of the men, a 23-year-old of Akron, was found wanted on a fifth-degree felony warrant. During his arrest, he was found with a baggie of marijuana which he told officers was "the good stuff."

On the same day at the store, a 16-year-old girl was arrested for stealing jewelry and clothing worth $185. She was issued a court summons and released to a parent.

Police were told two people in a minivan used a counterfeit $100 bill to make $11 in purchases at a Canton Road drive-thru on June 14.


A Lake Road woman, 39, was charged with criminal trespass June 17 after police said she was found at a local bar where she repeatedly had been warned not to return. On June 8, police charged the woman with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. Police said she yelled at customers at the bar from her balcony, and then went inside the bar, wrapped her arms around the manager and suggested they go outside and fight.

A 20-year-old Akron man was arrested on a Summit County warrant June 11 after an officer on patrol spotted him in a driveway on Josephine Avenue. He was transported to the Summit County Jail and booked.