NEW FRANKLIN  Residents who live near Howie's on the Lake restaurant have concerns about the safety of their neighborhood, speeding, cars running stop signs and motorcycle engines being revved up.

During the June 6 New Franklin Council meeting, council chambers was packed with residents who came to voice their frustration.

Councilman Jim Cotts said there was a recent neighborhood meeting about the issues, which he attended. He said he is in favor of a few changes to help with some of the concerns by residents. He would like to see the speed limit on Coleman Drive change from 25 mph to 15 mph.

Recently, the New Franklin Police Department had the radar trucked parked in the area to collect data from drivers. The report was given to council and it showed 30 percent of drivers were driving under 30 mph, 16 percent were driving between 30 and 35 mph, 6 percent were above 35 and one car was between 65 and 69 mph.

Cotts also supports the idea of looking into installing speed humps in the area. He also supports the idea of having temporary speed humps installed first. The temporary speed bumps are about $1,000 each and can be moved. Cotts said permanent speed bumps would need the whole neighborhood to support it.

Councilwoman Andrea Norris also supports the speed bumps idea.

"This area has had ongoing issues," Norris said. "We want something done with it."

Cotts said the speed limits are set by the state and he is not sure how much work it would take to get them lowered.

Residents also spoke about noise and how the DJ is always turning his music up when he sets up at Howie's. Residents said it is hard to enjoy time outside when bands or the DJ are constantly playing. Management hasn’t done anything about the issues, residents said. 

Norris said she wants to see the city’s noise ordnance looked at more.

Residents also raised concerns about drivers going the wrong way on certain one-way streets. The city is expected to possibly map all the signs in the area and see if additional signage needs to be installed.

Council is expected to talk with the mayor about some of the issues and research what can be done.

In other business June 6, council:

- Discussed appointing Irving Sugerman as the new law director for the city. Adamson has recommended the hiring of Sugerman, but council would like to see a resume from him and for him to come to an upcoming meeting and answer a few questions council has. Cotts said he trusts the pick by Adamson, but has some concerns regarding the way he will be paid. The former law director was salary and Sugerman is expected to be paid hourly. Council took time on the appointment.

- Discussed establishing the temporary position of zoning/economic development assistant for the city. This person is expected to work between 12 and 20 hours per week for the city. Council also took time on establishing this position.

- Discussed authorizing New Franklin to enter into an agreement for the purchase and installation of a fire alarm system for the City Administration Building. The city is required to install a commercial system in the building and the quote the city received was approximately $17,000. Councilman Andrew Fetterman asked the council to take time on this and explore a few more quotes because he thinks the cost is too high. Both of the quotes the city did receive were around the same price.

- Heard from Councilwoman Judy Jones about bringing a representative from Republic Waste to an upcoming council meeting to answer any questions council or residents have and trash and recycling services. The representative may be at the second council meeting in July, but this is not finalized yet.

- Heard from Council President David Stock about a follow up to an issue brought up at the last meeting in regards to a vacant property on Nolley Road. A resident said the septic system at the property was failing, but a report from Summit County last fall states the system is not failing. The high grass at the property has been mowed and a cover has been placed over the pool. Councilman Terry Harget said he recently walked the property and could not smell any septic smell.

The next New Franklin Council meeting is set to begin immediately following the committee meetings, which are scheduled for 6 p.m. June 20 at New Franklin City Hall.