GREEN  Just before they attended their last day at Green High School, this year's senior class took part in a special event at Green Primary School.

The seniors were the first class of first-graders to go through the new Green Primary building and graduate high school. To commemorate the opening of the school, the then first-graders had placed a time capsule in the courtyard with some special items and papers they had filled out. The end of the school year marked the time the capsule was dug up and opened, and the papers that these seniors filled out were handed back to them.

The day started with the senior class loading onto six school buses for the short trip over to Green Primary. There, they were seated in the gymnasium and the current first graders were brought in to take part in the ceremony. Most of the seniors' original teachers were still there, but a few who had retired were invited back to see their former students. In addition, their original Principal, Debra Kennedy, was also on hand to reminisce about what it was like when the building first opened and the students were just starting their school career.

Once the formal part of the assembly was over, the seniors paired up with their old teachers and took a tour of the building and visited with the younger students. They also were given their old papers from the time capsule to read over. It was a neat experience for all involved as the seniors read over what they had written so long ago as first-graders. From the smiles on their faces, it was evident that that they recalled those younger days with a great deal of joy and happiness.

"It really brought back lots of memories," said Elizabeth Denny. "It was interesting to see how far you have come."

Kailee Webb, a current first-grader, thought the day was "good and was excited with all that was going on."

Parker Hosch, another first-grader "was excited to see all the stuff that was in the time capsule."

Anmol Dhillon said she "really enjoyed seeing her cousin, who was a senior, and seeing all his stuff.

Her cousin, Prince Gill, thought the event "was great."

"You don't really realize how long it has been since we were her, and all the skills you have picked up," Gill said.

Melissa Clapper, who helped organize the event, was amazed and touched seeing the Seniors come back.

"It was something to see them grow from first-graders to seniors," she said. "I was overwhelmed by how they interacted with the our current students. It really turned out better that I thought."

Retired teacher Sheri Bonk "was amazed by how the kids had grown. It was really nice to see my former students."

Before the seniors boarded their buses for the trip back to the high school, Green's Audio Visual teacher Chuck Lyons got the whole group to pose in front of the school and took and overhead photo with one of his drones as the seniors waved up at the flying camera.