SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Students at Schrop Intermediate School have a variety of idols they look up to but, their favorites are the Schrop Idols.

Schrop Idol is a takeoff on American Idol and the fun program is in its 11th year at the school. Students tryout for a chance to sing on the idol show presented to the students and staff during school and then in an evening performance for family and friends.

Music Teacher Lisa DeMarco said this year 45 students tried out for 13 places available for the show.

"Sometimes it is very hard to pick only 13 students for the show but, because of time in the school day, I really can’t have any more performers," DeMarco said.

Unlike the American Idol TV show, these idols are not only judged on their musical ability, but the teachers play a part in the selection. Students are evaluated on attendance, work completion, getting along well with others, being able to follow directions, being respectful to staff and students and showing that they are a good role model.

Performers need at least 20 out of 30 points to participate in the show. Judges and the emcee role play during class and are chosen on their ability to improvise.

Behind the scenes of this popular show are the sound engineers, class runners (students who count the votes) and stage managers. Each student interested in one of the positions must submit a paper application telling why they would be good for the position. The student body votes for the performers after watching the show at school, and the winner is announced the evening of the concert.

"Every year I am so proud of the amazing work my students do to make this show a success," DeMarco said. "I am really looking forward to working with next year’s 6th graders on this show and seeing who our next Schrop Idol will be."

This year Grant Furcsik was chosen as Schrop’s Idol and said it was an experience of a lifetime.

"I had been waiting for this experience since the fourth grade," he said. "We had to tryout and I felt pretty confident after tryouts that I’d make it."

Furcsik said about  a week later he received the letter that he had made it in.

"All of my free time was dedicated to practicing, and it paid off," he said. "On Friday I performed for my school and then they voted. Everyone was telling me I did a great job, so I got confident. Tuesday, we performed to our parents and I won. I was overflowing with joy. I would encourage everyone to get out and try all opportunities they can just like I did."

Furcsik’s winning song was "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. Competition was tough as the idols sang their hearts out. They were: Skyler Ambrose, Chloe Paul, Maddie Price, Conner Holstein, Lily McFarland, Grace Ritterbeck, Emilia Pollak, Marlo Capoun, Jamie Greer, Marissa Emerson, Ashley Picket, Glake Bullock and Keirsten Scarito.

Idol Judges were Kendra Campbell, Parker Burtoft and Lexi Davis.