JACKSON TWP.  The Friends of Jackson Parks recently donated a drone to the Parks & Recreation Division at Jackson Township. The drone, a Mavic Pro, will be used mainly to take photos and video of the upcoming construction projects planned in North Park.

"The donation included the drone, a charger, three batteries and all of the necessary equipment," said Parks Supervisor Dave Ruwadi. "We’re planning to use it take video and photos of the construction projects for the amphitheater and for some of the events held in the parks throughout the year."  

According to Mavic Pro’s website, the drone can be flown as far as four miles at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour with flying times of close to 30 minutes per battery. It also has five cameras and built-in intelligence to avoid obstacles.

The controller has a color display so that the user can see what the drone is flyer over. Ruwadi said it has a GPS system and it can be linked to a smart phone or iPad.

"It does fly pretty good in the wind but we can’t fly it in the rain," Ruwadi said. "The drone has a homing button that will direct it to return to where it was launched."

The videos and photos will be posted on Jackson Township’s website at www.jacksontwp.com/ or on its Facebook page.