NORTH CANTON  The city is hoping residents and businesses will take part in an upcoming energy savings program.

North Canton Director of Administration Patrick DeOrio said American Electric Power (AEP) is handpicking communities to try out the Ohio’s Community Energy Saving Program and North Canton was selected. He said the program is relatively new and he wanted to run the program by council before agreeing to it.

During the April 2 council meeting, members of council voiced support for the program.

The city could win anywhere between $12,000 and $25,000 depending on the level of participation the city decides on. The way the program works is points are awarded for efforts to go green such as recycling old appliances or participating in a home energy audit. DeOrio said those who live in a multi-family building should reach out to their landlord to do upgrades to lighting too.

For each appliance someone in the city recycles, the city would receive a point. He said if someone purchased a new appliance and is having the old one taken away to mention the program so the city can receive credit. There is also an opportunity to get free LED lightbulbs for residents through AEP.

"This is an opportunity for the community to get involved and be green," DeOrio said.

There are also other ways for businesses to get involved to help earn points. The city would need 302 points to receive $12,000 and 500 points to receive $25,000. DeOrio said if the city got money through the program it could go to lighting in Dogwood Park and around the new playground that will be constructed as a part of the parks improvement project. He said it is important to note that once the city picks which program level they want to partake in, that the city has to hit the certain number of points and if they fall short, they wouldn’t receive the money.

The program comes at no cost to the city.

North Canton Mayor David Held said the program is fantastic and he is excited about it. He said not only will it bring cost savings to residents and the city, but it will help take some of the burden off AEP’S electric demand.

DeOrio said he plans to get the schools and also the library involved in the program.

Last year both Louisville and Wooster took part in the program he said.

The program will run 4 to 6 months once the city determines the start date. DeOrio said he would like to get the program up and running before Memorial Day.