After its April 19 meeting, members of the Portage Lakes Career Center (PLCC) Board of Education toured the Aviation Technology classroom and the areas of the MAPS Museum that have been remodeled by the school's building trades students.

The Aviation class has expanded in its two years in existence and outgrown the space first dedicated at the museum. New space is being created to provide a learning environment for future pilots. Students study meteorology, air traffic control, pilot training as well as restoring planes at the museum.

During the tour, Superintendent Benjamin Moore explained that the building trades students have worked to successfully complete a large amount of remodeling throughout the main hangar which is important to displaying the memorabilia of the museum.

One area that will be renovated in the future by students will be a restaurant in the upper level of the museum. Students of the building trades class spoke about what the class meant to them.

Senior Chase Guello said seeing the rooms they created being used is nice. He said one thing about being a carpenter is that you can come back with your family, teacher, boss and share the finished product.

"I am speechless to say I was able to do the work with the help of my teachers," Guello said."Coming into this class knowing nothing and saying that my teachers have taught me all of this, it is a very good feeling."

Guello plans to attend the University of Akron when he graduates to take some business and estimating classes and plans to go to work for his father’s company, River Reach Construction, which is an environmentalist company.

Joe Chiofolo, a senior, said he really enjoyed the class.

"Coming here not knowing much and now looking back and seeing everything we did is really cool," he said. "Coming back here 20 years from now and seeing what we did and saying, 'hey I built that' would be cool."

 Chiofolo is going to work for his father’s landscape business, Woodland Mulch, after graduation. He said what he has learned in the class will help for him to do jobs for people and take care of his own house.

Colton Sommerville is a senior and said being at MAPS has been an amazing thing, especially with the instructors they have had. He said they came there with nothing and now have built walls, insulated and more.

"That is amazing. Being able to come back here with my family and my kids eventually, and I can say my class built this, is an amazing feeling," he said.

Sommerville said the instructors are the best.

"They helped so much, and they are very inspiring to us," he said. "They let us figure things out and get it done. It is a sense of accomplishment that we solved the problem and got the job done."

He plans to get into the construction field and doing something hands on would be something amazing.

"It is a great trade to know," he said.

Connor Martin loves working hands-on and said this was a great experience.

"I like feeling what I do," he said. "I don’t like sitting in a classroom. I like getting out and doing things, it is more entertaining and more fun,"

He said when students began coming to the museum it would take them all day to put up just a small portion of a wall. Now, they can do multiple walls in 20 minutes.

"With the help from our teachers, Mr. Irwin and Mr. Harrison, it is just phenomenal how far we have come," Martin said.

He plans to go back to work at Classic Countertop and get some experience and then go to college or the carpenter’s union.

In other news:

- A short board meeting was held before the tour, in which Treasurer Chris Wright reported he would speak about the five-year forecast at the May meeting.

- A $100 donation was accepted from Tom Fry for facility operations and maintenance Capstone Project materials. Approved personnel items included the suspension of contracts due to reduction in force and employment contract for Shawna Svab, practical nursing part-time clinical instructor, $28 per hour, 500 hours maximum with no benefits.

- High School continuing contracts were approved for Dale Dunlevy, teacher; Ronda French, school psychologist; Adam Irwin, teacher; and Christina Saley, special education coordinator. Support staff approved contracts were for John Kridler, custodian/maintenance; Charles Parke, custodian/maintenance; and Derrell Hollis, classroom aide.

- Also approved by the board were high school one-year limited contracts for the 2018-19 school year and the non-renewal of adult education contracts.

- Administrative contracts were approved for principal Michael Kaschak and Lisa Tripney as director of career technical education.

- The board approved the non-renewal of adult education one-year limited contracts; the retirement of Patricia Elliott, admissions/lead teacher; approval of Felicia Smith as a substitute teacher; and a leave of absence for Michael McGlone, custodian.

- The purchase of carpet and installation through Interfinish LLC in the amount of $56,866.28 was approved by board members.

- It was approved for students to attend theBPA National Conference/Competition in Dallas, Texas, from May 8-13.

Students of the month are:

Kailey Akins, Cosmetology – Coventry

Riley Hochevar, Programming & Software Development – Springfield 

Daniel Knighton, Automotive Technology – Green

Noah Zittle, Culinary Arts – Manchester

Placement Student of the Month

Dakota Bee, Welding – Manchester

Placement: Paladin Heavy Attachments

The next board of education will be held at 6 p.m. May 17 at the career center.