JACKSON TWP.  During the April regular trustees meeting, the Jackson Township Board of Trustees authorized a contract with Vasco Asphalt for $161,052 to install four new basketball courts in the north-central area of North Park. The work on those new basketball courts started in mid-April.

Parks Supervisor Dave Ruwadi said the land for the courts has been cleared and crushed stone has been laid. He said he hopes the courts will be open by the time of the Community Celebration at the end of June.

The basketball courts are part of the amphitheater project taking place in North Park. The project includes the following components:

- A multi-purpose outdoor amphitheater

- A new library

- Tennis facility

- New parking

- Relocated basketball courts

- Connection to the high school

- A food truck plaza

- Activity area for lawn games

- Signage and branding

- Infrastructure

The basketball courts that are there now will be closed after the new courts are opened. The area will be used as part of the amphitheater area.