NORTH CANTON  Each year, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Clearmount Elementary School sponsors the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) Science Day. COSI, located in Columbus, sends a traveling science show (COSI on Wheels) to the school every year with a different topic of focus. This year, the focus was on energy.

The annual event starts with a school-wide assembly where the kids learned about potential and kinetic energy and how both are at work in a slingshot or roller coaster. Giant dominoes were used to demonstrate push and pull and how electricity moves through circuitry to light things up.

After the classes were dismissed from the assembly, classrooms came back to the gym by grades to participate in different learning stations set up around the gym.

"Every year COSI brings a different program, this year it’s about energy, last year it was about the weather." Clearmount Elementary School second grade teacher Tiffany Humphrey. "In addition to the assembly learning experiences, there are always interactive tables with volunteer parents working with the kids to help them conduct different experiments."

The funding for the event comes from the PTO and parents from the school volunteer throughout the day at the various experiment stations set up around the gym. COSI Educator Quincey Chamber led the day by demonstrating the chain reaction machine to students.

"We talk about the different chain reactions the machine generates as a group and then kids go around the different tables to learn about creating their own chain reactions, circuitry and friction," Chamber said.

COSI on Wheels has been traveling to schools throughout Ohio and surrounding states since 1982 to provide hands-on, science learning to students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade. The outreach program enhances science learning with experiments that are not easily replicated in the classroom.