GREEN  A real life Lady and the Tramp has arrived in Northeast Ohio, and the doggy couple is looking for a forever home. Lady Madonna, a shy female, met her mate Robbie McCartney in West Virginia. The pair of puppies bonded and soon Lady became pregnant. Robbie, a natural leader, would go in search of food for his growing family.

Unfortunately, his foot got caught in a trap. When animal control found him, a very pregnant Lady was by his side. Despite her fear of people, she would not leave Robbie and the pair was taken to Boone Animal Rescue Coalition (BARC), a volunteer nonprofit for abused and stray animals. A few days later, Lady gave birth to six puppies and pair had to be seperated.

Lady and her puppies went to Paws and Prayers in Cuyahoga Falls for a better chance at adoption. Paws and Prayers routinely works with BARC and other organizations to rescue and rehabilitate cats and dogs so the animals can be adopted. The puppies were quickly adopted and Lady fell into a depression, withdrawing from human and dog interactions. When BARC called to check in, they asked if Paws and Prayers wanted the rest of the family - aka Robbie who had recovered from his foot wound. Once reunited, Lady’s depression lifted almost instantly and they’ve been inseparable since.

Robbie McCartney, a boxer/hound mix of about three years old, and Lady Madonna, a lab/beagle mix of about two years, are currently in a local foster home. They are waiting to be adopted together with a going rate of $300 instead of the usual $200 each. The price is to offset the cost of spaying and neutering, all the required shots like rabies and parvo.

Incorporated in 2001, Paws and Prayers believes that "all cast-off animals deserve only the best lives as loved, indoor pets." They support animals with behavior problems by having the pet assessed and trained. It almost never euthanizes any animal.

Paws and Prayers was a recipient of the 2017 Dr. Jane’s Foundation Grant Recipient, which helps fund the mission to spay and neuter stray animals. A few Saturdays every month, the organization shows dogs and cats at Pet Supplies Plus in Green and Cuyahoga Falls, and PetSmart in Montrose. The website also features adoptable pets and dates of the adoption events.

For more information on adoption procedures or becoming a foster family, visit the website at