EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a third in a four-part series looking at the city of Green's plans to build more traffic roundabouts. This part looks at which intersections the city will target in future years.

GREEN  Construction of roundabouts will become a common occurrence the next several years in Green as the city has several projects slated.

Two roundabouts are planned for 2018, but that is only the beginning.

Upcoming roundabouts

In a report presented in 2017, American Structurepoint studied seven problematic intersections that are in need of improvements and ranked them based on certain criteria. The criteria was accident reduction, level of service improvement, overall project cost, ease of construction, utility impacts and environmental impacts.

The intersections focused on were state Route 619 and Myersville Road, state Route 619 and Pickle Road, state Route 619 and Mayfair Road, Greensburg Road and Arlington Road, Massillon Road and Graybill Road, Mayfair Road and Graybill Road and Mayfair Road and Raber Road.

The study found Myersville Road and state Route 619 as the top option that would benefit to become safer through the construction of a roundabout. The intersection was identified as having a high ratio of severe accidents, along with a lot of traffic delay. 

Coming in second was the state Route 619 and Pickle Road intersection, in which the city plans to build a roundabout this year. City of Green Engineer Paul Pickett said a roundabout is scheduled to be built in 2019 at the Myersville Road and state Route 619 intersection.

The remaining intersections ranked Greensburg Road and Arlington Road third, Mayfair Road and Graybill Road fourth, state Route 619 and Mayfair Road fifth, Mayfair Road and Raber Road sixth and Massillon Road and Graybill Road seventh.

Pickett said the city hasn’t figured out the exact order in which the intersections will be improved, but the goal would be to build one roundabout each year as long as construction doesn't conflict with other projects going on in the city. The intersection of Massillon Road and Graybill Road may be pushed ahead, he said. Pickett also said he expects all of the seven intersections to be done in the next five to 10 years.

Massillon Road north

A major project coming to Green will be improvements to Massillon Road north of Interstate 77 to state Route 619. The project has seen several designs with the final plan including roundabouts at Raber Road, Stein Road and state Route 619.

Right-of-way is expected to be obtained this year and continue into next year with some construction beginning in late 2019. Pickett anticipates construction will take two construction season and won’t be completed until early 2022.

Plans call for the three roundabouts to be constructed along with widening the road to two lanes in each direction from Interstate 77 to state Route 619. A center green space island is expected to be constructed in the middle to prevent left turns. The project also calls sidewalks and for some grading work to take the elevation of the road down for better sight for motorists. 

Construction is expected to begin on the west side of Massillon Road first to widen the road as traffic is maintained to the east. Pickett said he doesn’t want to see the road be closed for the project as the goal is to maintain access to all businesses along the stretch.

"This is going to be a challenging project," Pickett said. "We haven’t done anything like it since I have been here (in Green)."

Massillon road south

An area Green has been keeping a close eye on is four intersections south of Interstate 77 on Massillon Road. The intersections include Boettler Road and Massillon Road, Boettler Road and Corporate Woods Parkway, Corporate Woods Parkway and Corporate Woods Circle and Corporate Woods Circle and Massillon Road. 

The area has been referred to as "the box" or "the hub" as the city began studying the area in 2014 and 2015. One of the intersections will be improved this year, Corporate Woods Parkway and Corporate Woods Circle as a roundabout will be constructed.

Pickett said the city has concluded that the goal is to help the entire corridor flow well. He said the peak times for traffic issues are normally between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Widening the road would be challenging because of the amount of right-of-way the city would need and Pickett said land values are very high along the corridor. If the city were to widen the road, the Interstate 77 bridges would have to be rebuilt to accommodate the extra lanes, which isn’t practical.

The city has secured some federal funding for the two intersections on Massillon Road and construction of roundabouts at those two intersections could begin in 2022 and be finished by late 2024. Pickett said there is the possibility that both intersections could be done at the same time, but that hasn’t been finalized.

The final intersection of the four, Boettler Road and Corporate Woods Parkway, likely won’t see a roundabout for at least another 10 years unless there is a major change in traffic.

Once all these roundabouts north and south of Interstate 77 are completed on Massillon Road along with the one at Graybill Road and Massillon Road, motorists will be able to drive on Massillon Road from Graybill Road to state Route 619 only encountering traffic signals near the on and off ramps at Interstate 77.

In total, Green could add 14 roundabouts over the next 10 to 15 years on top of the two the city has built.