81-year-old Plain Township woman gets her cash back after losing it at post office.

JACKSON TWP.  The case of the found money here turned into a whodunit in reverse — sort of like a whoseisit?

It all began on Dec. 18 when a U.S. postal employee found an envelope containing $2,005 inside the post office on Dressler Road NW. Four days later, after no fellow employees had claimed the cash, she brought it to the township police department.

Under Ohio law, it's finders keepers if the rightful owner doesn't claim the money. So police posted a legal notice in the newspaper on Feb. 16 — without listing the amount or where it was found — advising of a 30-day deadline to step forward.

A story in The Canton Repository appeared the next day.

Then it got interesting.

During that 30-day window, 11 people contacted police in an effort to claim the money. But only one of them, of course, was indeed the owner. And police knew they'd found her after hearing the story of an 81-year-old Plain Township woman who said the money fell out of her purse.

"She came in with all the information," explained Township Police Chief Mark Brink.

She identified the bank envelope containing the money; she said it was about $2,000; she even mentioned the post office; then she provided bank statements from the day she lost the money.

"It ended with a little bit of sunshine," Brink said, also commending the woman who turned in the money.

The woman who recovered her missing money said she'd withdrawn the large amount of cash because she needed to pay a handyman who'd been doing work in her home. When she realized she'd lost the money, the woman said she felt upset and embarrassed.

"But when I read about in the newspaper, I said 'that must be my money,' " the woman recalled. She did not want her name used for this story.

On March 22, she got her money back.

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