NEW FRANKLIN  The city of New Franklin will be receiving an additional $75,000 from NEXUS for an additional road easement.

During the April 4 council meeting, council approved the settlement, which will provide an easement to NEXUS for Main Street and for any other issues that may come up during the installation of the pipeline. In return, the city will receive $75,000.

The additional money comes following a past agreement the city made with NEXUS late last year, which granted 12 easements for $60,000.

Councilwoman Andrea Norris said the city went through several weeks of negotiations to reach this final settlement and added if council didn’t approve it by April 6, the deal wouldn’t be valid. Norris said she believes NEXUS wants to get moving on their project and she said the money is a bonus on top of what the city has already received.

Councilman Jim Cotts thanked the mayor for making this happen.

"We could have settled for a lot less or even zero," Cotts said.

Norris also said New Franklin is lucky to have gotten the money because not every community got a settlement and some only got money for permit fees that NEXUS needed.

"NEXUS is coming through and there is nothing you can do to stop it," Norris said.

Last fall, the city hired an appraiser to look at the easements and see what the value of them were. Council agrees this step helped the city obtain more money.

In other business April 4, council:

- Approved a modification to New Franklin’s agreement with CTL Engineering for inspection services for the Center Road East resurfacing project. Mayor Paul Adamson said this came across his desk early this year. He said the original price of the project was $33,800, but CTL Engineering didn’t do all its specs of the road before the project was bid, which caused the price to come in higher than the estimate. When the work was completed by Karvo Paving, it came in at $49,819, a 33 percent increase. The city partnered with the state on the project with the state paying 80 percent and the city paying 20 percent. Adamson said the state was ok with paying 80 percent of the additional cost and the city only has to pay 20 percent of the additional cost. Cotts said the entire project did come in under budget, so the city saved some money and he didn’t see an issue with approving the additional amount. The next project is resurfacing Center Road West, which has been bid for $49,000 - close to the actual cost of Center Road East, and all the specs were done before the bid was made.

- Heard from a few residents concerned about recreational shooting in the city and people not having backstops to stop bullets. Councilman David Stock said the police chief would like something in place to make it easier to be enforced. Adamson said this issue has come up several times and he is going to look into it. He wants to explore what the state law says and what other communities are doing. He also said a public hearing may take place in the future on the issue.

- Heard from Adamson about continued concerns with Republic Waste. He said the city has logged 11 complaints in the last 15 days. He said the city is going to continue to track the complaints.

- Announced cleanup day will take place 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. April 21. Those who want to take part are encouraged to meet at the beach parking lot and then go out into the community to clean up. There will be a free pizza lunch after at the Tutor House and the event will happen rain or shine.

- Announced at the end of April Law Director Tom Musarra will retire. The city will begin exploring a replacement soon.

- Entered executive session to discuss police department personnel, with no action taken.

The next New Franklin Council meeting is set to begin immediately following the committee meetings, which are scheduled for 6 p.m. April 18 at New Franklin City Hall.