COVENTRY TWP.  Coventry Local Schools Treasurer Matthew Muccio says he hasn't decided if he wants to remain with the district when his contract is up at the end of July.

Muccio sent out an email to all Coventry staff following a recent Financial Planning and Supervision Commission meeting. The email read:

"At today's commission meeting commission member Sean Fremon read a statement saying 'Matt Muccio is dragging his feet' trying to get Coventry Schools out of fiscal emergency. Yes it has been a slow process and I certainly own that. But from day one I have done nothing but my hardest to fix anything and everything. And if that is truly how Sean Fremon feels I will step aside and a fresh face can begin. I really love Coventry - but I'm not sure I can come back to what Sean said. I will notify the school board I plan on leaving at the end of my contract (July 31, 2018). That way a new fresh face can come in and perhaps meet Sean's expectations."

During the commission meeting, Fremon raised concerns about the actions Muccio has taken. He also said he does believe Muccio is dragging things out longer than needed to get the district out of fiscal emergency.

Muccio, on the other hand, believes the district has made great progress working toward the end of fiscal emergency, which began more than two years ago.

Muccio, who is finishing out the final year of a three-year contract, said he has not submitted a formal resignation to the board and nothing is final unless he does that. Muccio said he remains undecided on his future with the district.