NORTH CANTON  The Barrette Business Center at Walsh University was packed full of Hoover High School seniors, teachers, administrators and parents on March 20. The event was the eighth annual Summa Sideliners’ Honors Celebration.

Fifty students from Hoover High School who will graduate summa cum laude were honored for achieving a 4.325 or higher grade point average. Each senior also provided two names of teachers who positively influenced their educational experience so that they too could be recognized.

"Each year we honor our most dedicated students who have achieved a 4.325 grade point average by hosting the celebration event," Summa Celebration Committee Chair Gretchen Leckie-Ewing said. "Each of the seniors also invite two of their most influential teachers to the event so we can celebrate the team work between the students, parents and teachers."

The evening started with a dessert bar sponsored by the Sideliners. Master of Ceremonies was Hoover High School staff member Christopher Triner. Superintendent Jeff Wendorf did the welcome and the Presentation of Scholars was done by Lindsay Johnson, Annie Moore, Allison Medley, Tiffany Walker and Patsy Williams. High School Principal Eric Bornstine closed out the evening. He also presented each student with their certificate.

Each of the honorees received a Class of 2018 booklet with their photo printed in it. Each student wrote a short essay about their educational journey and why they selected the two teachers to honor which was all printed with their photo in the booklet. It listed all of the awards, activities, plans, intended major and a ten-year plan for each recipient. The parents also wrote a paragraph about their teen for the booklet.

Each of the students gave a short thank you speech to thank their parents and teachers for helping them achieve the honor.

The list of students honored on March 20 along with the two educators they selected include:

Art, Zachary: Laura Blandine and Steven Wood

Battista, Samantha: Sandy Phillips and Earle Wise

Blackledge, Eli: Lisa Shaw and Tina Cindea

Bodenschatz, Arthur: Joe Schaefer and Danielle Wackerly

Brown, Seth:  Jen McKelley and Jim Strauch

Campanaro, Samuel: Phyllis Varrati and Travis Ackerman

Chimera, April: Jennelle Ellis and Jessica Williams

Chufar, Emma: Gerilyn Shimek and Jeff Kreis

Coblentz, Cassandra: Pam Zuercher and Tina Cindea

Cressman, Sylvia: Pam Polt and Dr. Scott Colles

Derimiggio, Michael: Tina Cindea and Todd Alkire

Dong, Ivan: Anne Aston and Scott Aston

Dray, Matthew: Todd Alkire and Troy Kozee

East, Derek: Jim York and Jeff Kreis

Fallick, Jenna: Tiffany Humphrey and Sra. Lindsay Johnson

Gartner, Kevin: Glenn Cummings and Amanda Humphrey

Gibson, Dray: Val Heban and Glenn Cummings

Goldman, Alexandra: Ben Griffiths and Rachelle Ogilvie

Green, Alexis: Margie McDougal and Scott Snyder

Green, Sydney: Amy Burtscher and Nick Plazak

Hoskinson, Brandon: Jennifer Yocum and Amanda Humphrey

Hostettler, Kodi: Leticia Cook and Sra. Lindsay Johnson

James, Kenzie: Kimberlee Testa and Tina Cindea

Jones, Michael: Dr. Scott Colles and Glenn Cummings

Keenan, William: Todd Alkire and Jeff Kreis

Kopp, Jenna: Tammy Ledgerwood and Deb Wiley

Matulich, Mackenzie: Sarah Jackson and Rachelle Ogilvie

Metheney, Grace: Judy Chester and Susan Schilling

Milligan, John: Kathleen Harhager and Steven Wood

Montgomery, Zachary: Bruce Nist and Gretchen Leckie-Ewing

Muckleroy, Molly: Suzanne Bourlas and Ronald Varn

Mullens, Nathaniel: Stephanie Stephens and Jeff Kreis

Nist, Benjamin: Patti Muffet and Ben Walther

Nusair, Omar: Kathleen Harhager and Steven Wood

O’Connor, Ryan Karen Perez Glenn Cummings

O’Reilly, Davan: Dan and Chrissy Price and Jen Manion

Palutsis, Amanda: Claudia Sommers and Tiffany Walker

Park, Gyuyoung: Dr. Scott Colles and Steven Wood

Pfeil, Chase: Jeff Kreis and Steven Wood

Plaster, Eleanor: Carrie Stehura and Travis Ackerman

Priyadershi, Aditi: Karen Perez and Shawn Billker

Robinson, Nathan: Scott Snyder and Allison Medley

Rojas, Jason: Susan Farinacci and Dr. Scott Colles

Roseberry, Andrew: Joanne Damico and Lauren Maxwell

Salem, Nadine: Joanne Damico and Todd Alkire

Schaefer, Emily: Elizabeth Geckler and Tina Cindea

Somody, Rachel: Phyllis Varrati and Jeff Couto

Thomas, Christopher: Susan Farinacci and Jeff Kreis

Wechter, Matthew: Stephen Peshek and Ronald Varn

Wright, Kyle: Jim York and Susan Schilling