SPRINGFIELD TWP.  Spring is finally here and Springfield Township didn’t hesitate to take advantage of its arrival.

Hundreds of families gathered on the lakefront outside the police station March 24 for the annual Easter Egg hunt. Children lined up before an array of thousands of plastic eggs containing Easter surprises and waited for their cue to make a mad dash to fill their baskets.

"The kids love it. This is the third or fourth year we’ve come," said Mary Meffert, while wearing Easter Bunny ears on her head. "(The police department) always does a great job with it."

The egg hunt itself was a sudden burst of commotion that left baskets brimming and parents grinning. After the egg hunt, children were invited to explore police cruisers, SWAT vehicles and fire engines. And of course, the Easter Bunny was in attendance to meet with children and take pictures. Lunch was also provided.

"Didn’t take them long for them to clean all the eggs up, said Capt. Carl Blasdel of the Springfield Township Police with a chuckle. "It’s kind of fantastic, it was. A lot of people came out, a lot of kids came out and had a good time."

The event, which has a history that extends further back than most long-time residents can remember, is put on every year by the Springfield Township Police Department as a way to show appreciation for the community they serve.

"To give back to the community for what they do for us," said Blasdel. "Because, you know, basically our whole budget is based on levies, so we feel we should be doing something for them because of their commitment and sacrifices they make for us."

This year’s large turnout and the overwhelming positive response only goes to show the community that this historied hunt isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.