JACKSON TWP.  Jackson Township author Don Ake recently debuted his second book filled with humorous stories about his life titled, "Will There Be Free Appetizers? Musings of a brilliant idiot."

As part of his promotion of the new book, he’s held two book signings. The first signing was at the Spaghetti Factory in Akron and the second was on March 28 at the Winking Lizard in Jackson Township. He served free appetizers at both signings.

Ake is an economic analyst in the transportation industry. He did some writing while in college, so he decided to start a blog about economics while he was off work in 2009. One blog lead to a second blog which eventually became his first book, "Just Make Me a Sammich."

Both books are collections of humorous personal stories and observations, and social commentaries on today’s culture.

"The second book started after one evening when I was scheduled to attend two meetings, one after another. The first meeting’s invitation promised free appetizers. I got there early to make sure I got some of the appetizers but there weren’t any." 

Ake details the story more in-depth in the first chapter of the new book, "I Like Food. We All Like Food. Why Am I So Fat?" Other chapter titles include, "I Am A Son Of the Beach," "Hanging Low In A High-Tech World," "The Blunder Years," and "Mumbo Jumbo," among others.

"I decided to write a second book because my writing has evolved since the last book. This book reads much smoother. The writing fits together much tighter and it’s more cohesive," said Ake. "It’s a fun book and there’s an appetizer theme throughout the book. People in the trucking industry think it’s hilarious they know someone who has written a book, especially a humor book."

The book is available on amazon.com and other online retailers and through his website at www.donake.net. An e-book version is available in Kindle version. Local residents can find the book at Dorrie’s Booktique on Fulton Drive in the Lake Cable area.