NORTH CANTON  The first annual Made for You Market was open in North Canton on March 10 at the Champion Event Center on Mississippi Street. The organizers have held other popup shop markets around Ohio under the name of Ohio’s Maker’s Market.

Coordinators Erin Harris and Kasey Kintz said they’ve rebranded with a new name, but he premise remains the same: to offer a group of small business owners who hand make their products a place to set up and then invite the community in to shop.

The North Canton debut had 75 vendors open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Harris said she estimated they had between 700 and 1,000 shoppers come through.

"Our vendors are all Ohio makers offering all homemade items," Harris said. "Brick and mortar shops are so hard to keep open these days and this is a way to give small businesses a way to sell their goods. We want to support and promote the small business owner by holding these popup shops events around Ohio."

Kintz said they held three such markets last year in Summit County but this is the first time in Stark county. Vendors were selling a variety of goods such as hand carved wood décor, jewelry, clothing and much more.

One of the many vendors on March 10 was the Crafty Cowgirl, Debra Pesko. She and her daughters are from Minerva and make wooden signs with crafty phrases on the front.

"We take old wood from sheds, barns, fence posts and any place we can get the wood to make our signs," Pesko said.

Another vendor was Lee’s Bees out of Canton South. Terry Lee and her daughters Melinda and Jackie Cuhn (Lee) were selling a long list of items made of honey or bees wax.

"We own an apiary in Canton South and we make our products from the honey and wax we get from our bees," Terry said. "We do have an online presence, but we also do a lot of the popup markets like this one today. We’ve done one in Hudson, one in Cleveland and we are planning on doing the market at Gervasi Vineyard in September."

The next Made for You Market is scheduled for June 10 in Medina. Email for information on becoming a vendor at that event.