NORTH CANTON  The Little Art Gallery of the North Canton Public Library in North Canton recently hosted the annual "Art from the Classroom." The two-month-long exhibit opened with artwork created by preschool and elementary students from North Canton City Schools and St. Paul’s School.

The exhibit was broken up into four categories with the primary and preschool exhibit opening first from Feb. 1-11. The Intermediate School exhibited February 15-25. The Middle School exhibit was open March 1-11. The high school exhibited March 15-25. Each group had an opening reception on the first night.

Gallery Curator Elizabeth Blakemore said the all of the artwork this year was high caliber and many pieces seemed to make a social statement.

"Many of the high school pieces this year are reflections of what’s happening around us today, which is what art is all about," Blakemore said. "We have a piece with mice in a test tube to show how animals are abused, there’s another piece about distorted body image. There’s a piece called 'Hanging on by a Thread,' and another called 'Life’s a Rollercoaster.' There are several others with social messages."

The Little Art Gallery exhibits the two-month long art show every year. Blakemore said the exhibit of Art from the Classroom is important for a number of reasons. First, it shows the Gallery’s commitment to visual art education in the North Canton. Second, it’s an outlet for kids to showcase their art in a setting they never forget.

Hoover freshman Lauren Mueller and Katie Cantor both had pieces on exhibit. It was the second time Lauren’s art was on display while Katie had her first piece displayed this year. Katie painted Myanmar with hot air balloons floating in the skyline. Lauren painted the Northern Lights.

"I’ve always thought the Northern Lights were beautiful and I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska to see them," Lauren said.

Junior Rebecca Glatz had an acrylic painting of the Joshua Tree. She said she used the color purple for the tree because it was her favorite color.

"I had a couple of pieces in the show last year, it’s cool to be in the show and to see everyone else’s art on display," Rebecca said.

In addition to more statement pieces this year, Blakemore said she thought there were more mixed media pieces from the students.

"The show just keeps getting better. There are a lot of strong pieces here tonight. The teachers at all of the schools do such a good job and the exhibits are filled with beautiful pieces," Blakemore said.