LAKEMORE  During the March 5 council meeting, Mayor Rick Justice asked for a moment of silence in honor of Marlene Hill, a longtime resident of the village who passed away.

"She served this community well," he said.

Once the meeting began, Justice spoke about the importance of water as a resource and the changes the community faces due to changes in the water system requirements by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA). Council members have spent time discussing the options to comply with the new requirements. Three options, based off a feasibility study, were presented to the mayor and council. The first option is to improve the system and incorporate a treatment facility. The second is to buy bulk water from the city of Akron and a third option is to sell or lease the water system to a private company.

An asset management plan must be done to apply for government funding for improvements. Conducting a rate study and asset management plan through the village's engineers, CT Consultants, would determine the rates the Lakemore should charge to comply with the Federal EPA standards. 

Councilman Tracy Douglas said although CT Consultants are considered the specialists for the asset management study, council and the mayor did not obtain any other bids or quotes to perform the study. Douglas suggested asking RCAP (Rural Community Assistance Partnership) to perform the study. He said he believes they could perform it at little or no cost. 

Justice said that he is familiar with the work RCAP performs, as it has assisted the village with projects in the past, but RCAP is not an engineering firm. They help rural communities obtain funding. Justice said that CT Consultants could work with RCAP on the project. He read portions of a two-page proposal CT Consultants provided to the village stating what actions it would perform as part of an asset management study.

Councilman Josh Timko said that RCAP could possibly help with obtaining funding once the asset plan was created.

Douglas read a list of services provided by RCAP. Justice said the services RCAP provides is helpful, but the village requires professional services immediately. 

Referring to the situation with the EPA, Justice said, "It is going to take time and a lot of thought."

Council approved legislation to accept CT Consultants' proposal for an asset management study.

Zoning ordinances

A public hearing will be held April 2 at 6 p.m. for input from residents for new zoning ordinances. Justice explained the legislation regarding re-zoning properties on Canton Road is important to the growth of business in Lakemore. He said the businesses within Lakemore Plaza have changed through the years, and there is potential development behind Lakemore Plaza that requires the area to be re-zoned from B1 to B2. 

Justice also said the residential area to the north of Lakemore Plaza, currently zoned R-2, would be re-zoned to B1 to provide for future development. That area is not as critical as the re-zoning legislation for Lakemore Plaza and south on Canton Road. 

Approved legislation included:

- A resolution to join the Bureau of Workman’s Compensation wellness program for employees.

- A resolution to establish an internship program for students from the high school for the Lakemore Fire Department.

- The hire of Roy Smith as an unpaid reserve officer.

- An ordinance requiring voters to authorize the sale of village property used for parks.

- A resolution was adopted to allow Fire Chief Brett Reinbolt to be on sight as a full-time fire chief. Cole said the legislation will save the village money. 

- Legislation to hire Wide Open Property Management to mow the public areas of the village. Justice said by hiring the company, it would free up the Department of Public Services to work on roads, storm sewers and the water system.


- Cleanup week will be April 16 until April 20 and Cleanup Lakemore Day will be April 21. 

- Applications will be accepted for the community garden beginning April 1 to reserve a spot. 

- The annual Easter egg hunt for the Village of Lakemore will be March 24 at 1 p.m. at Upper Waterworks Park. 

- Lakemore Lions Club will hold a spaghetti dinner fundraiser on April 17 at Lakemore United Methodist Church.

- A public hearing will be held April 2 at 6 p.m. for Ordinances 1610-2018 and 1611-2018 referring to zoning changes. The regular council meeting will follow the hearing at 7 p.m.