COVENTRY TWP.  A medical marijuana dispensary will soon be coming to Coventry on Arlington Road.

During the March 8 trustee meeting, a public hearing was held on the matter. Trustees approved a text change to the Coventry Zoning Code to allow the dispensary in the General Business District (B-3). The change was recommended by the Summit County Planning Commission and the Coventry Zoning Commission.

The applicant for the dispensary is Mindy Meade, who is with Golden Buckeye Wellness out of Tucson, Ariz.

Coventry Zoning Inspector George Beckham said the state legalized medical marijuana in several forms and there are 60 permits for dispensaries throughout the state. Of those 60 permits, three of them are for Summit County. For now, Coventry plans to limit the township to only one dispensary.

Beckham said anyone that comes to the dispensary has to have a card issued by the state before they can obtain marijuana.

"The state law is very thorough," Beckham said.

He spoke with two other townships that have also approved the dispensaries and said there hasn’t been a lot of interest from the public.

Meade said she was born and raised in Akron and she moved to Arizona about seven years ago because of a better job market. She stressed that the medical marijuana guidelines are strict and regulated. 

"The way this works there is almost no way ever the medicine ends up on the street," Meade said.

She said anyone is stopped as soon as they walk in and they have to show ID and a card. Children are not permitted inside the dispensary. She also said the medical marijuana will not be grown there and only those with a medical condition approved by the state will be able to obtain it.

The dispensary is expected to be located in the back of the building that houses Starbucks on Arlington Road. There is expected to be security on-site at all times.

In other business March 8, trustees:

- Approved to participate in the OTA Group Rating Program through CareWorks Comp, which gives Coventry a 57 percent discount on premium payments. This year the township is projected to save $14,112.

- Approved the payment to First Tactical in the amount of $4,319 for fire department and road department safety jackets. The Portage Lakes Ducks have offered to purchase the new coats for all full-time fire and road department employees. The township has paid $228 to customize the jackets with reflective lettering. The township will receive reimbursement for the full amount from the Portage Lakes Ducks once the invoice has been paid. Trustee Edward Diebold thanked the Ducks for helping the township out.

- Approved to file an application to ReWorks for the 2018 ReWorks Community Recycling Access Grant for the total amount available of $10,945 to be used for resident yard waste and leaf drop off events.

- Heard from Trustee Tom Seese who thanked the Summit County Sheriff's Office for responding to his house after someone shot his house five times. He wasn’t home at the time the shots were fired. The sheriff is looking for a red car that was in the area at the time.

The next Coventry Township Trustees Meeting is set for 7 p.m. April 12 at Town Hall.