GREEN  The city’s rules regarding adult family and group hopes are changing, following City Council’s approval of an amendment to Green’s codified ordinances, in part to align those guidelines with the state of Ohio.

Ward 2 Councilman and Planning Committee Chairmain Bob Young said the primary changes to the ordinance involved an increase in the number of allowed persons in an adult family home from six to eight, and in a group home from seven to nine, as well as requiring proper licensing of adult family and group homes staff, which the city ordinance did not previously address specifically.

At a public hearing Feb. 27, Planning Director Wayne Wiethe said persons in adult family and group homes are declared a "protected class" by the state. However, some forms of transitional housing, such as drug rehabilitation facilities, may be located in zones other than residential.

Other actions

- Council also approved a street lighting district for the final phase of the Lakes of Green development.

- The plan calls for 14 street lights, with installation paid for by the developer and the 47 properties in the development assessed approximately $15.10 per year.