LAKEMORE  Mayor Rick Justice announced a public hearing would be held April 2 prior to the regular meeting to allow residents to ask questions and provide statements on the rezoning of property on Canton Road.

The area to be rezoned includes a section of Canton Road to change from B1 to B2 and a section to be changed from R2 to B1. The properties to be changed are in the vicinity of Lakemore Plaza. The change would give the village more opportunity to commercialize the area.

In other business:

- Council approved a motion to have Tracy Fast represent the mayor and council at the Open Government Unit Certified Public Records Training on March 7.

- Justice announced the Public Service Department will continue to patch potholes with temporary fill until permanent asphalt and the products for the durapatcher are available. 

- During the council committee reports, Councilman Tracy Douglas reported that he is waiting for another quote for upgrading the phone system for the municipal offices.

- Councilman Rich Cole announced the Annual Egg hunt would be held at 1 p.m. March 24 at Waterworks Park.

- Cole also announced the annual clean up Lakemore day would be April 21. All volunteers are to meet at Waterworks Park at 9 a.m. to break into groups.  The groups will return at noon for refreshments.

- A quarter auction sponsored by Friends of Lakemore Parks will be held May 11 at Lakemore United Methodist Church. Only 200 tickets will be available. 

- Councilman Josh Timko announced the next council workshops would be at 7 p.m. March 1 at 7 p.m. and 6 p.m. March 14.

- Resident Edna Peteya asked if the potential garage on Hilda Street would be only the size approved by the court. Justice confirmed the court approved a specific size; so the owner must comply. Peteya asked what area of the community was considered for re-zoning. Justice explained the properties are located on Canton Road.

- Resident Ken Roberts asked if the area of road at Sunnyside and Church would be repaired. Justice explained two water breaks were repaired in that area so the Public Service Department was going to repair the area once the fill settled. Roberts also asked if the roadway on Short Street could be repaired. Justice said he and the Public Service Department Foreman would inspect Short Street when they inspect other areas of concern.