NORTH CANTON  North Canton artist Diane Belfiglio was recently selected as one of two Ohio artists to exhibit in the state’s new "Spotlight: Featured Artists in the Governor’s Residence" in Columbus. The program was created by Ohio’s First Lady Karen W. Kasich to celebrate Ohio artists by showcasing a sampling of their art in the Residence foyer.

The program is a partnership between The Ohio’s Governor’s Residence and Heritage Garden and the Ohio Arts Council (OAC). It’s not the first time Belfiglio’s works were on display in Ohio’s capital city. Her work has also been prominently displayed in the lobby of the Governor's Office in Columbus for the past 10 years.

The paintings selected hang for two years at a time in the governor’s office and Belfiglio has had one or more of her works selected for the site every two years. She recently closed out an exhibit with the Malone Art Gallery in Canton where some of the works displayed in the governor’s Office were included in the exhibit.

"Many of the acrylics I’ve done of local monuments that were in this exhibit have been on display in Columbus over the past decade," Belfiglio said. "The Ohio Arts Council sponsors the competition every two years for artists to submit works to hang in the governor’s office. I’ve also been selected to have six pieces hanging in the Governor’s Residence, two bigger pieces and four smaller pieces under glass."

Ohio’s First Lady Karen Kasich released a published statement through the Ohio Arts Council about Belfiglio’s works that read in part, "When I first saw Diane’s pictures, they were so intricate and so detailed, I thought I was looking at photographs. They really are incredible. I love her use of color and the way she plays with the sunlight and shadows."

Artist Michele Waalkes, who teaches and is curator of the Malone Art Gallery, said she wanted to have an exhibit showcasing large abstract architecture and thought Belfiglio’s paintings fit.

"We usually hold two shows in the spring and two in the fall at the gallery featuring local artists and then our students exhibit the rest of the year," Waalkes said. "We’re honored to have had Diane’s works on exhibit as one of our spring shows. It’s nice to see local architecture featured in paintings. The next show we have planned will feature linear landscapes by a local artist."

Belfiglio serves as an assistant professor of art and studio coordinator at Walsh University. She also teaches private lessons at her Belfiglio Art Studio. The February exhibit was her first at the Malone Art Gallery.

"It’s always fun to see my work hung together on a wall in a gallery setting. The Malone Art Gallery has been a fun location to exhibit,"

The Malone Art Gallery exhibit of Belfiglio’s works closed on Feb. 16. To learn more about the artist and her works, visit To learn more about the Malone Art Gallery, visit