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The next day.

The day after that.

Next week.

Or next month.

And when you do, you’ll more than likely see a story, or perhaps several stories, with accompanying photos, about students from our local high schools – Lake, Green, Springfield, Jackson, Coventry, Manchester or Lake Center Christian – receiving athletic scholarships to colleges and universities.

Some of the colleges and universities are local.

Others, not so much.

But it doesn’t matter.

The only thing that’s important is, pure and simple, that they’ve receiving scholarships.

Early afternoon on Sunday at the top of our website, they were three such stories – on Coventry football players Treon Sibley signing with Akron, and Brayden Dauberman signing with Walsh, and Jackson boys soccer player Colin Biros signing with Akron.

Last week, it was other local athletes signing. And later this week, still others will be announcing featured.

Getting a college scholarship is big, big news – quite an accomplishment. It’s not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s hard. Sometimes, it has come against all odds.

So it’s really cool.

For each one of these stories is a victory, not just for the athletes but for so many other people who had a hand in the process.

There’s the athletes’ families.

Their teammates.


Athletic directors.

Other school administrators.





The list of "winners" is endless.

Indeed, it takes a village to raise a scholarship athlete.

The "graveyard" of great high school prospects is littered with young men and women who had all the talent, and should have gone to college on scholarships, but didn’t because a piece of that important puzzle was missing.

The athletes didn’t work hard enough on the field.

Or in the classroom.

Or in the community.

Or they didn’t get the necessary help from their families, coaches, teammates, school officials, teachers, friends, neighbors and/or relatives

Indeed, the right stuff is a delicate mix and it has to be crafted, and prepared, oh, so carefully and meticulously.

As such, then, when athletes earn scholarships – when they get financial help to continue not just their sports careers, but so much more importantly their academic careers – they and all of their "support staff," in the truest sense of the term, can take bows for jobs well done. They have given local students boosts on the road to make something of themselves and realize their dreams.

That’s the way it’s supposed to work.

And it gives other student-athletes at all the local schools hope that, if they work extremely hard and the stars all align themselves in just the right way, it might just work for them someday.

When and if it does, we’ll be there – happily so -- to report the good news.