The Nexus pipeline was never welcome in the City of Green.

Although the law and regulatory process was always against us, the City fought Nexus for three years on every reasonable legal ground.

Ultimately, the attorneys hired by the city advised Mayor Neugebauer that any further legal challenges would not result inmoving the pipeline out of Green. It was time to make the best out of the situation before another unfavorable ruling by the court.

As a result, Mayor Neugebauer negotiated a favorable settlement for the citizens of Green. Four members of city council voted in favor of the settlement, three of whom are attorneys. Inlight of the circumstances, the settlement agreement may very well be viewed as an excellent outcome.

The $7.5 million dollars will be used to better the community and to monitor the pipeline project. Furthermore, the city has retained the jurisdiction of the Federal Court to monitor the pipeline construction and to enforce the city ordinances and state and federal regulations Nexus must adhere to. None of this would have been possible if the city would have continued to fight to "the bitter end" as some residents would have it.

Rational judgment had to overcome emotions. In the end, Mayor Neugebauer and City Council made the difficult but right decision for the citizens of Green.

I applaud Mayor Neugebauer and City Council for fighting a good fight and just as important for appreciating the weakness of their legal challenges and taking the limited opportunity to negotiate a favorable settlement for the residents of our great city.

The City Administration did not "give up" or "sell out." No, they accepted the hard facts and unfavorable laws and rulings that they were confronted with and made the best out of a very difficult situation.

Michael Ciccolini,