JACKSON TWP.  During the regular meeting on Feb. 13, the Jackson Township Board of Trustees said it will decide in the next few weeks what to do with the yard waste drop-off location in South Park. Trustee John Pizzino said trustees had met earlier that day with David Held from the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District and learned it has a grant to fund the drop off for the next two years. 

"The issues we have to decide in the next 30 days is how do we fund it beyond the two years, labor and other expenses to keep it open are around $150,000 to $160,000 a year," Pizzino said. "We might have to cut hours or go to a fall and spring cleanup schedule. Plus, we have to find a place to take the yard waste for disposal. Everyone is having the same problems we are with this issue. We’ll keep everyone informed as we make the decisions." 

Trustees also met earlier in that same day with the Stark County District Library about the new library building planned for Jackson Township. Trustee Todd Hawke said the architects for the North Park update and amphitheater project and the library project are working together.

"The two groups are working together in good fashion and the library is hoping to have renderings of their proposed building in the next two weeks," Hawke said. "We will be holding a public meeting with the library, the school district and the YMCA sometime in April to keep everyone up-to-date with what’s going on with both projects."


- Paid bills in the amount of $2.4 million.

- Approved a phone services agreement with Eastern Telecom for $400 a month which is $59 lower than last year.

- Approved additional funds for Strip Extension design services of $5,000, making a total of approximately $170,000 designated for design services for the extension of the Strip shopping area from Portage to Applegrove.

- Approved the purchase of police vehicle equipment from PARR to equip two of the newly purchased SUVs in the amount of $26,604.

- Accepted the ODOT Mileage Certification which stated the township now has 203.493 miles of road. Fiscal Officer and Economic Development Director Randy Gonzalez said that when the current road levy passed in 1978, the township only had approximately 140 miles of roadway.

- Authorized the appropriations for the Park Department to purchase six handheld radios in the amount of $4,080.

- Accepted Community Celebration sponsorship donations as follows: $200 from GonzOil and $100 from Don Smith Auto Parts.

- Accepted $2,200 from Fresh Thyme to become a sponsor for the Jackson Township Farmers Market. The official name this year will be The Jackson Township Farmers Market Sponsored by Fresh Thyme.

- Approved the purchase of fire hose couplings for $13,385 as part of a continuous upgrade project for the fire department.

UP NEXT:  The next regularly scheduled meeting is 5 p.m. Feb. 27 at Township Hall.