LAKEMORE  Voice recordings released by the Springfield Township Police Department on Feb. 14, the day after an officer involved shooting, included the names of the two men who were shot following an attempted burglary at the Tractor Supply store in Lakemore Plaza.

Two males, identified in the recordings by a Springfield Police officer as Christian Beard and Matthew Burkhart, were wounded in the shooting and taken to Akron City Hospital.

In the recording, a Springfield Police officer reported shots fired early Feb. 13 and ambulances were called to transport two males. The two officers involved in the shooting were driven to the Lakemore Police Department. Officials have not released the names of the officers involved or which department they work for.

The incident began when an employee of the Tractor Supply store called 911 and reported that someone had tried to take a large log splitter off of the sidewalk in front of the store and load it into a van. It happened at approximately 4:26 a.m. Feb. 13 while employees were in the store working over night.

The alarm went off and the employee reported to police that the vehicle was a dark, possibly a navy blue van. The female caller reported the van headed south from the store toward the laundromat in the Lakemore Plaza and around the back of the plaza, "like they were going into Lakemore." The employees reported the van did not have a back license plate.

Lakemore police found the van at 1271 Main Street in the village and called Springfield Police to assist. Police reported that the van was used to ram a Lakemore police cruiser that was parked behind the van and then shots were fired.

Agents from the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) were called to the scene. The BCI is investigating the circumstances leading up to the shooting.