NORTH CANTON  A group of local residents and North Canton Heritage Society members gathered together on the square on Jan. 30 to unveil a new permanent exhibit detailing the history of North Canton. The exhibit is a permanent addition to the community police booth standing next to Town Hall on North Main Street.

The exhibit was unveiled on the 100th anniversary of the name change for the city, which was named New Berlin until Jan. 30, 1918. North Canton Heritage Society Executive Director Carmella Cadusale said the exhibit has been a project in the works since 2014.

"This has been a project years in the making and we are excited today to finally share the exhibit with the community," Cadusale said. "The exhibit will remain available day and night for viewing. There are lights on the booth to light up the exhibit during the evening hours."

The exhibit consists of historical photos throughout the history of New Berlin and after when the city became North Canton. The photos are displayed as panels on the windows of the community police booth.

The booth has become an iconic landmark for the city. It used to be a guard building for the Hoover Company where someone could control the traffic signals during shift changes.

A few years ago, the building was moved from the original location on the corner of Main and Maple Streets, next to the Hoover building to its current location next to Town Hall. It has since been repaired and restored.

Both North Canton City Councilman Mark Cerreta and the Heritage Society’s Board President Dave McDaniel made opening comments. Cadusale said while the exhibit took a while to get completed, it turned out great and encourages residents to stop by to view it.