GREEN  The first elementary school dance held at Green Primary School was a huge success as nearly 1,000 students and their guests attended the event, which was open to students from Green Primary and Greenwood. The students could bring either their parents, aunts or uncles, grandparents or caregivers as their guests. Admission was $10 per couple for the two hour event which was held Feb. 3. 

Corsages, boutonniere and wrist corsages were available at $5 per item.

A disc jockey provided the music and food and beverages were available in the school cafeteria. In addition, there were several photos booths, various activities and games for the students and their guests to participate in. Several high school athletes and cheerleaders volunteered to work the various events.

"We decided host this event after feedback from PTA members indicated that they would like such an event," said Green Primary Principal Carrie Marichino. "Other organizations had held similar events in the community and we thought it was time we hosted such an event. After seeing the results, I think we will make it one of the events we require for our staff next year as part of our school calendar."

"It was really nice to see the support we received," added Assistant Principal Kelli Fultz. "I was overwhelmed with the effort of our PTA. I'm glad we had the event, it was nice to see the community come together for this."

"It was really wonderful to see participation," said Greenwood Principal Scott Shank. "It was great to see the support for the PTA. I was amazed by the number of people who showed up for the event."

"I was overwhelmed by the support  from the parents for the students and the school," said Green Local Schools Director of Communications Julie McMahan. "It was just outstanding."

Green graduate Brian Deloreti came with his daughter, Gianna, a first grader.

"This is cool," Deloreti said, "I have never been to one of these before with my daughter. She was pumped up all for a week."

As she waited in line for a photo, Gianna smiled and said, "I really like this."

"This was a great turnout," said Ginny Miller, wife of Green Local Schools Superintendent Jeff Miller.

Ginny Miller came with her son, Jackson, who invited her while her husband took their other children to their basketball games. For Jackson, at his first dance, he was all smiles as he played different games and activities. When asked about how he felt , Jackson smiled and said, "It is a lot of fun."

Jamie Maximovich was there with her son, Joshua.

"This is just great, it is a good opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children."

Joshua was impressed with how the school was decorated, saying "I can't believe they did all this in one day, I really like it."

Amanda FledderJohann, a teacher at Greenwood, was there as a guest of her daughter, Kaitlin.

"This is really a fun event for the family," FledderJohann she observed.

Kaitlin added, "I am having a lot of fun."

Phillip Marquate and his wife, Amber, were there with their son, Ethan, and daughter, Ella.

"This is a great opportunity for families to get together before high school years," Phillip Marquate said.

Amber judged the dance "to be a wonderful event for the families," while Ethan smiled and said "he liked it." Ella was shy and when asked what she thought, could only say "I don't really know."

Overall, everyone seemed to have a great time. Due to the large crowd, next year the event may be split into two days.