COVENTRY TWP.  On several instances, ceiling tiles have been damaged at the new Coventry High School from water.

During the Jan. 10 school board meeting, the Board of Trustees heard an update from Jon Hibian on the situation and what is being done. Most of the tiles have just had stains on them, but a few have fallen inside the school.

Hibian said the reason is because of water coming out of the pre-cast slabs of concrete from the floors. He said when the building was built, the slabs were put in place before the roof went on and some water got into where they connect, and now that water is working its way out. CT Taylor, which constructed the building, has been to the school several times and has drilled some holes in the slabs to drain the water.

Hibian said Norton is also experiencing the same issue. He said CT Taylor has been "very responsive" and has come the day of the issue to fix it.

Budget talk, five-year forecast

The Board of Education heard an update on expenses for the month of December from Treasurer Matthew Muccio, who said the district is doing better than budged at this point.

Board membeer Chirs Davis asked about the five-year-forecast, in which concerns were recently raised about year five being in the red.

Muccio said he was very conservative, and the fact the district is under budget so far hasn’t been factored into the forecast. He said his hope is when the forecast is updated in May it will come in under budget.

Later in the meeting, community member Larry Ryba expressed concerns related to the five-year-forecast. He said he was disappointed the board didn’t spend more time talking about the forecast during the December meeting. He said the press coverage of the issue was also not adequate. Ryba said the district is back to square one of fiscal emergency.

In other business Jan. 10, the board:

- Nominated Davis as president and Josh Hostetler as vice president for the board for 2018.

- Appointed Vicki Tavenier as the legislative liaison for 2018 and Jeff Skaggs as the alternate.

- Designated Josh Hostetler treasurer pro tempore for 2018.

- Appointed Tavenier as the student achievement liaison for 2018.

- Resent a motion for appointing a board member to the Portage Lakes Carreer Center board. The board orginally appointed Tavenier, but it was advised the board vote again to allow new board members Ron Reed and Hostetler to have a say in the vote. Skaggs nominated Tavenier again, Hostetler nominated Reed. Tavenier was appointed again with Davis voting for her.

- Approved to continue to hold school board meetings at 6 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month at Lakeview.

- Approved to support Public Education Week Jan. 21 through the 27.

- Heard a presentation about the district collecting cans through a program called Cans4Comets. The goal is to collect cans throughout the building to help raise money to purchase books for the library. The district hopes to encourage recycling at events and people can bring cans to Coventry Elementary School between 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of each month. So far, 65 books have been purchased this school year from recycling cans.

- Approved purchase orders for more than $1,000. Reed questioned a state wrestling trip and how many hotel rooms and for how many nights. The team will be staying three nights in four rooms. Hostetler questioned a purchase order to replace a fan on an air handler and asked if the district checked to see if it was still under warranty. The fan was not under warranty.

- Heard from Reed and Hostetler, who thanked the community for their support to get them elected. Reed stressed the district cannot be released from fiscal emergency if there are negative numbers in the forecast.

The next Coventry Local Schools board meeting will be at 6 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Lakeview Administrative Offices.