Officers have been investigating the disappearance of Roberta L. Snider since they were first notified of the events on Sunday by Snider's brother.

HARTVILLE  A village couple, married for 53 years, apparently left Jan. 4 for a trip to Elvis Presley's Graceland home. The husband returned home last weekend without his wife -- and what exactly happened to her remains a mystery.

"I don't know if we have a crime or don't have a crime at this point," Hartville Police Chief Larry Dordea said on Friday.

His officers have been investigating the disappearance of Roberta L. Snider since they were first notified of the events on Sunday by Snider's brother, Brian Heisler. His sister's husband, 72-year-old Philip Snider, told him Roberta had died on the trip to Memphis, Tenn., a birthday present of sorts for her -- she was to turn 70 this past Monday.

WEWS-TV 5 in Cleveland first reported versions of the story on Thursday, and the Beacon Journal on Friday.

"This all started when (Philip) told me he left her ashes down there," Heisler said. "She'd always said when she was cremated, she didn't want her ashes sitting on a mantel."

Heisler reported details to local police on Tuesday.

Dordea said Philip Snider's version of events "doesn't add up," though he said Snider appeared sincere. Snider may be confused about the location and timing of details, the chief said.

"He said they were driving to Memphis ... stopped in a hotel along the way," Dordea said. "He noticed she was (dead in her seat) ... as he was driving down the road, he saw an EMS-type vehicle, so he stopped and told them."

Dordea said police haven't found any evidence of Roberta Snider's death after checking with multiple agencies and sources in Tennessee, nor have they found her.

He said Philip Snider allowed them to search his home and police recovered receipts from the trip. Dordea said police are in the process of trying to track down video footage that could have captured the Sniders along the 728-mile trek to Memphis.

"We think he just made a mistake, as to where it happened," said Heisler, adding that he believes Snider may be suffering from dementia. "We think it may have occurred in Kentucky. We're pretty certain it wasn't malicious. We don't think it was foul play."

Richard Currie, a former village mayor, has lived next door to the Sniders in a condo on St. Abigail Street SW, for about nine years. Currie said he knew the couple, though they weren't close friends. He said the woman's disappearance was the topic of conversation at a local barber shop Friday morning.

"It all sounds a little bizarre," Currie said.

The couple moved to Hartville following a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy case that was filed in 2008. They lost their house in Plain Township to foreclosure, according to court records, and claimed to be nearly $145,000 in debt.

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