GREEN  Recently elected members of council Barbara Crouse Babbitt, Matthew Shaughnessy and Rocco Yeargin are excited to begin serving the residents of Green.

Yeargin, who will represent Ward 3, said his number on priority is focusing on planning and zoning when it comes to resident’s concerns.

"I would like to explore ways in which important planning decisions can be made more responsive to residents' concerns," Yeargin said. "That means reviewing the notice requirements of the planning code to make sure they reflect the value that we place on community input and discussion before planning decisions are made."

Shaughnessy, who will represent Ward 4, said he plans to work towards solutions to make the city safer for not only pedestrians, but vehicles, too.

"We have areas in which pedestrians are forced to walk on busy roadways; we also have some neighborhoods in which the only exit is onto a busy street with no traffic device which makes getting where you're going both difficult and dangerous," Shaughnessy said.

For Babbitt, who will represent Ward 1, she plans to also focus on safety for residents as well as the safety of their property.

"I am most looking forward to working together with the others on city council, as well as within the administration to serve our residents and make Green an even better place to live," Babbitt said.

Shaughnessy said he looks forward to the challenge that comes with serving on city council.

"I want to challenge myself as well as others to strive for better, to always remember who we work for and be respectful of those with differing opinions," Shaughnessy said.

Yeargin said he is looking forward to working with other members of council and the mayor’s office to make improvements in areas such as planning and infrastructure and seeing those designs come to life in ways that will improve the quality of life for residents.

All three newly elected members want to make sure they can be contacted if residents have concerns. Babbitt said she plans to communicate with residents through email and flyer.

"I will ensure that the citizens of Ward 1 know who their councilwoman is, and how to get in touch with me," Babbitt said. "I also plan to schedule ward meetings where residents may come to have their questions and concerns addressed."

Yeargin said he is looking for the best way to use electronic media to engage residents in his ward. He said he can always be reached by phone or email and will strive to respond in a timely manner. Yeargin added residents can also talk to him before or after council meetings and at community events.

Shaughnessy said he intends to hold town hall style meetings much like he did when he was running for office.

"My colleague, at-large council representative Steven Dyer, has a very successful method for reaching constituents called 'Donuts With Dyer,' " Shaughnessy said. "My outreach will be similar although I don't have a catchy name for it yet, but I am open to suggestions.

He said if someone has a suggestion for a name to send him an email.

Councilman Bob Young ran unopposed in Ward 2 and will also begin a new term this year.