GREEN  City Council and administration members bade fond farewell to three outgoing council members at the city’s final council meeting of 2017.

Council President Chris Humphrey gave an overview of the terms of Ward 1 Councilman James Ahlstrom, Ward 3 Councilman Ken Knodel and Ward 4 Councilman Skip Summerville before presenting the trio with commendations from the city.

"When James Ahlstrom came on council, there wasn’t a document in the city he didn’t request," Humphrey recalled of Ahlstrom, who has served on council since 2014. "Which said to me that he wanted to be on council because he wanted to do his job."

Humphrey praised Knodel’s ability and willingness to draw upon his many years in the city as a benefit to council and residents alike.

"Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve been around a long time," Humphrey said to Knodel, who has served on council since 2011. "And many times you would say ‘of course you remember" – and I lot of times I did not. But you have served the city well, making honest decisions and we’re going to me you on council."

Humphrey pointed to the tenacity of Summerville, the longest-serving of the three, since January 2010, in his recognition.

"A lot of things I heard you advocating for when I came on council, you are (still) advocating for now," Humphrey said. "An example (recently) being (the city’s agreement with) the Community Improvement Corporation."

Summerville thanks "the folks who elected me and have supported me," adding that his colleagues on council and in the city administration are far from the stereotype that some give government officials.

"There is an impression that some have that diplomats don’t do anything," he said. "That is not the case in Green."