GREEN  A proposed development along the east side of Massillon Road just south of Graybill Road has a developer and residents at odds.

WTL Development, which wants to develop 7.84 acres of land that is owned by Summa Health Systems, has filed a lawsuit in Summit County Common Pleas Court. The developer brought plans before the Green Planning and Zoning Commission, which was approved in June. Residents fought to put the brakes on the project and took an appeal before the Green Zoning Appeals Board (BZA), which sided with the residents in September.

The lawsuit, which is directed towards the city of Green and the BZA, states the land is zoned B-2, which retail and restaurants are conditionally permitted.

WTL Development doesn’t agree with the board’s decision and wants to move forward with the project, which would bring a restaurant, grocery store and other retail to the land. Residents on April Drive have been vocal because the development would border the rear of April Drive resident’s property.

Sandra Cline, who lives on April Drive, has been one of the leaders in the fight to stop invasive retail. Cline said she has been in talks with a lawyer regarding the situation and what residents can do. She said it is important to keep in mind that the lawsuit wasn’t against the residents but against the city and the BZA decision.

"I am not 100 percent confident the city will defend the BZA decision," Cline said.

She said she is concerned, but hopes the city will fight to uphold the decision by the BZA that residents fought so hard for.

The city would not comment on the lawsuit but is expected to file a response in the near future.