SPRINGFIELD TWP.  A hush came over the halls filled with students at Spring Hill Elementary as a jolly man dressed in a red suit and red hat, with a perfectly groomed white beard walked past them in the hallway.

One teacher yelled out to the children, "Santa is in the building!" Students were heard saying, "Hi Santa," and "we better be good," while others just watched in amazement as he walked by them.

Santa made it to his special chair where he would hear the wishes of all of the Spring Hill children. He sat down with a sigh as he has been very busy speaking to children all across the world. It takes a lot out of the jolly man to travel from place to place to hear and remember all of the children’s wishes.

Spring Hill Principal Dave Jurmanovich had on his elf shirt. It was fitting for him as he was a Santa helper and his duty was to carry the large basket of candy canes for Santa to give to the children. 

Classroom after classroom came into the cafeteria to visit Santa. One child wished for an iPad; another said for sure he knew he was getting an iPod. There were wishes for dolls, bicycles and toys of all kinds.

Then there were the special wishes from the kindergarteners and first graders as Santa could see that many of them needed new front teeth.

The day was also filled with Christmas parties where classes did a variety of activities. Kindergarten teachers Rae Lyn Craig and Dena Scrimo had the kids make gingerbread houses from graham crackers, icing and candy of all kinds. In other classes, students made gifts for parents, decorated the classroom Christmas tree, did a variety of crafts and "ate a lot of food," said Kindergarten Teacher Tammie Langovsky.

As the day went on, parties were held in the classes and fun was had by all. Santa’s visit has been a tradition for many years.

After all, the children told Santa their wishes, he went back to the North Pole to rest up for the long night ahead of him when he goes out in his sleigh and makes those wishes come true.