The more than four-week investigation involving a murder-suicide outside Affinity Medical Center is winding down.

MASSILLON  The police detective heading up the case involving a November murder-suicide outside Affinity Medical Center said no charges or arrests from the incident are coming.

"Michael Wood was the only shooter, and that's pretty much it," said Massillon Police Department Detective Jason Gohlike on Thursday, adding that the more than four-week investigation is winding down.

On the afternoon of Nov. 13, Wood, of New Philadelphia, gunned down Dr. George Seese, of the Dalton area, shooting him multiple times in an Affinity parking lot along Amherst Road NE at Ertle Avenue NE. Wood, 50, then turned the gun on himself and died of a single, self-inflicted wound to the head.

Massillon police determined that Seese, 59, and Wood had a mutual love interest, which was the motive for the shooting. The woman was first interviewed by a detective on the day of the shooting at Affinity, and a follow-up meeting between her and authorities took place days later, Gohlike said.

"She was excluded (quickly), and had nothing to gain out of (the shooting)," he said.

Overall, police have interviewed about 10 people during the course of the investigation to this point, Gohlike said.

Some subpoenas issued to cellphone companies remain outstanding, he said, as police are seeking phone records for certain parties connected to the case. Cellphone GPS data could determine whether there was a pattern of Wood following or stalking Seese prior to the shooting, Gohlike explained.

"This is pretty standard. Phone companies don't easily give up records," Gohlike said. "We're also trying to make sure (via phone records) no one else was involved before closing things out."

Evidence in the investigation includes video retrieved by police from a camera positioned in the Affinity parking lot, which shows footage of the shooting. Investigators have declined to release the video citing the ongoing investigation.

"When the investigation is complete, we'll review the matter again," said Massillon Law Director Andrea Scassa, whose office holds the video.

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