LAKE TWP.  Lake Elementary School has earned the State Momentum Award for the second consecutive year. The State Board of Education annually gives the award to recognize schools and districts that receive straight As on all value-added measures on the state report card.

Principal Donna Bruner said earning an "A" on the progress report indicates students made significantly more than expected improvement during the year. A district must have enough students in at least two value-added subgroups including gifted students, students with disabilities and students whose academic performance is in the lowest 20 percent of students statewide.

"We have a number of things we have been doing over the past two years that I feel have contributed to Lake Elementary receiving this award the past few years," Bruner said. "It’s all about teachers focusing on students. Our teachers are student centered and they do what it takes to make each student successful," she added.

One of the successful initiatives implemented during the past few years is Blue Streak Time. Bruner said it includes 40 minutes every day where students don’t receive any new instruction. Instead, teachers provide intervention for those who need it or enrichment activities for gifted level learning.

"Blue Streak Time is when there are leveled activities differentiated for each student. I think that has been key to our success. It’s individualized for students to meet their learning needs," Bruner said.

Earning the award holds meaning for the students, the school and the district. Bruner said they will be holding a special day to celebrate students’ success as a way to bring attention to the hard work and achievements of the students.

"Celebrating will get the students excited about learning and it reinforces how well they did from the hard work they’ve put in throughout the school year," Bruner said. "They’ve worked hard and they want to show what they know. We are proud of them and want to show them what great strides they’ve made."

For the teachers and staff, Bruner said the award recognizes that their best instruction practices are effective. She said It’s an affirmation that Blue Streak Time and collaborating with each other on lesson plans is the right track for teaching and helping students.

"The award for the district says that while we are meeting student needs, we’re about more than just taking state tests. Our mission is to educate generations serving our community. We take great pride in that mission by doing community service projects and by helping our families when they are in need," Bruner said.

The future includes continuing to follow best practices and continuing to evaluate those best practices to make adjustments when needed. Bruner said the students and teachers are also excited about moving into a new school building next year.

"We appreciate the award and we’ll celebrate and have fun with it. Earning it shows we are all about the kids at Lake Local Schools," Bruner said.

Statewide, 214 schools earned the award. Other schools in Stark County to receive the Momentum Award were:

- Cedar Elementary from Canton City Schools

- East Canton Middle School from Osnaburg Local School District

- Glenwood Intermediate from Plain Local School District

- Orchard Hill Intermediate School from North Canton City Schools

- Northwest Middle School and W.S. Stinson Elementary from the Northwest Local School District.

- North Canton City Schools received the Momentum Award on the district level.





Graphic supplied by Lake Local Schools

Photo by Patricia Faulhaber

1 lakes award

Lake Elementary School in Hartville was awarded the State Momentum Award for the second consecutive year.